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Thread: Greetings

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    Hello, everyone. Just came back after a long absence, figured I'd stop by the forums and make myself known. IGN is Shelwyn Brisbane, 52 Guardian, currently smashing the skulls of those pesky half-orcs in Eregion (someone has to show them the error of their ways).

    Anyone who wants to help, or needs help, feel free to look me up. See you in the trenches!
    Your words are as empty as your future. I am the vanguard of your destruction.

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    Re: Greetings

    It is nice to see so many new people around.

    Welcome back in Arkenstone

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    Re: Greetings

    Go to the moors. Naked.
    Ijustpassedgas Excuseme
    Yeasty Infection

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    Re: Greetings

    Howdy nice ta meet ya
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