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    Anyone else with the prob? and how do you fix it?

    I have 2 skirms that show the "exclamation mark" (meaning it thinks I haven't tried them yet). But, I have run them dozens of times.

    Is there anyway to get them to recognize my doing them? It's not a big deal, but I don't accrue stats for those 2 skirms since they don't acknowledge me doing them.

    The skirms are Rift and Prancing Pony.
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    Re: Anyone else with the prob? and how do you fix it?

    Yeah, I have three on my hunter that I've don't countless times but still have the exclamation point. The ones giving me trouble are Gondamon, Weathertop, and the Rift. I didn't notice until just now that they aren't counted on My LotRO either.
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