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    why skirmish raids are failing

    risk/timesink vs reward.
    basically they lack repetition value.

    the potential is there, just need to tweak SM rate and once we get 1st ages from clusters, hook up 2nd ages with skirmishes.

    i really wanted skirmish raids to flesh out endgame raiding in terms of options for players, but its not there yet by a long shot.

    why do people grind solo skirmishes ad nauseam even if they find it boring? often for scrolls and relics.

    why do people grind SG over and over and over again? for chance at symbol.

    raid skirmish should give around 300% that of solo skirmish... they still won't see anywhere near the foot traffic of solo skirmishes but at least will be a reason for many people todo them.

    of course i will be told do it for fun etc. i agree fun is important but rewards and the most effective path to get said rewards is also fundamental to foot traffic and success.

    i'll end by quoting ZC.
    Let’s be honest with ourselves. People play new content for the rewards. Sure, if the content is fun it is more likely to get replayed, but even if we made the hardest, most boring boss fight in the game drop the best loot, a lot of people would still play it.
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