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    Total no. of quests completed

    Is there a way to see how many quests we have completed or do we have to count them one-by-one in the quest log?

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    Re: Total no. of quests completed

    It used to be that you could count the number of pages in your my.lotro.com character page and multiply by the number of quests on a page.

    ie. My main has 37 pages x 20 quest = 740 quests total

    However, this appears to not be valid anymore because I know I've done more than 740 quests, and I went to the last page of my quests and the date shown was November 19, 2009.

    I joined the game in October 2007....

    Also of note, repeatable quests are shown in the my.lotro log, so that doesn't give you an accurate number of unique quests.

    As for any other ideas, I'm out of them...
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    Re: Total no. of quests completed

    Quote Originally Posted by Fruinjuice View Post
    November 19, 2009.
    That's about when mine cuts off too. That's somewhat disappointing.

    As horrid as it sounds, if you really want to know you can count them in your Quest Log

    The check mark at the top of the window, next to the +/- expand buttons, opens your Completed Quests Log, that lists all the quests you've done (minus versioned and revamped/renamed quests I think).
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