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Thread: Accident

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    Re: Accident

    Get Better Gabies

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    Red face Re: Accident

    Ahh! I just found this post today!
    I hope Gabies gets better soon, I was just wondering where he was the other day.
    Get well soon Gabies! Lacra tell him I said not to eatbabies while he is in the hospital.
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    Re: Accident

    Get well dude.

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    Re: Accident

    I only have a couple of lowbie alts here for when Landroval is down so I don't think I've ever (knowingly) run into him but I hope his recovery is swift! I can relate to a degree. I fractured my leg in three places and spent four months housebound. LOTRO kept me sane that summer (there's only so much tele-commuting you can do...).
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    Re: Accident

    Sorry to hear about the accident, and it is great that he is doing well so far. Take solace in God's Word and that He is in control regardless of the situation. My prayers will be with 'Gabies' and his family.

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    Re: Accident

    Saying prayers and sending thoughts your way for a swift and complete recovery.
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    Re: Accident

    Any updates (?) hope he is doing better now.
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    Re: Accident

    Gabies came back like less than a year of the accident if I remember correctly. Still plays and gets on Apathy vent and I'm sure of Lotro Latino.

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    Re: Accident

    Quote Originally Posted by MissPatty View Post
    It has been 2 years already.
    I think the real Gabies still hasn't returned to the game.

    Any update?
    I saw a fake one running in the moors last week, Gabies doesn't key-board turn, H3llo!?
    Stop imitating his name.
    LOL, why you digging up past threads baddie!!

    I can't even tell if you are joking or serious, but yea the guy that made this thread is my bro, and his forum name is Gabies!

    The only people I know that keyboard turn are you and Tennis, I am even weapon swapping bc all the cool kids do too.

    For those who asked for updates I know it was a while back but I am doing just fine now and still playing! and thanks a lot for the support and good wishes!

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    Re: Accident

    Quote Originally Posted by Gendo99 View Post
    Gabies came back like less than a year of the accident if I remember correctly. Still plays and gets on Apathy vent and I'm sure of Lotro Latino.
    Hi Leben

    Also, Gabies is immortal.


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