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Thread: Just Curious...

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    Just Curious...

    Has anybody attempted to or sucesfully soloed SH boss 1 on easymode? I'm pretty sure that a hunter could if you could get past the adds... Just wondering.
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    Re: Just Curious...

    The adds I know I can take out.

    I might have a shot to Solo Boss 1 if I wouldnt run out of power but most likely I would even if I ran Endurance the entire time. It would consist of alot of kiting with a ton of Barbed Bleeds and slows.

    Even a Snare (yes I said Snare not Trap) at the start for some DoT that I can just giggle fit at

    Most likely though I would probably die horribly if I tried to solo him.
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    Re: Just Curious...

    Is that a gauntlet?


    IT IS!

    I'll try it this week and let you know how it goes. If not, I'll hook up w/ Pariah and duo it for giggles.
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    Re: Just Curious...

    Pretty sure there is a youtube vid of a hunter doing it, consisted of kiting him around the arena and was long/painful.

    Edit, and here it is

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    Re: Just Curious...

    Yeah, that's about what I'd expect. He's a boss, so you can't snare. He stops for inductions often though, so put a Barbed Arrow in him (more for the longer fire snake induction) and wear him down. Once you break 50% you can pull his corruption for the HOT and get in extra damage with a little face time.

    Might be fun once, just to say you did it. I'd rather go duo it in a fraction of the time for more loot though.
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    Re: Just Curious...

    We have done the first boss as Duo Hunters but didn't do so well with the second :P

    Three Hunters of course, can do the whole thing no problem.
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