Today, I finally managed to get a 6-man skirmish group together on my level 40 champion alt. People at that level tend to be leery of groups because there are a lot of people who haven't developed their class' skills by that time. This seemed like a pretty good group though, and we did Tuckborough and Gondamon with few issues. Then we tried Amon Sul, and that went well until this happened:

The Frigid Squall wounds you with Frigid Squall for 1,597 points of Frost damage.

One-shot half the fellowship and took Candaith from nearly full health to barely alive, at which point the next attack took him out. FML. ()

So, is it possible that lieutenant scaling doesn't mirror character scaling particularly well? At level 65 the Squall hits for less than half of most people's max health; at level 40, it comes close to one-shotting even the best-geared squishy classes. The fact of the matter is, character progression isn't linear. A level 30 doesn't usually have half the health of a level 60. Yet it appears that this attack, and perhaps other lieutenant attacks (Rage of Morgoth also gave us some trouble--another relatively unpredictable AoE nuke), hit as though it is expected that our characters do scale linearly. Would it be possible to look into this at some point? It appears seriously prohibitive to low-level group skirmishing.


P.S. We tried Amon Sul again, got the Squall again, and tried a new strat of having one person kite it around outside the stone circle when it got low on health. Unfortunately, it was by this time solidly glued to Candaith, and promptly 2-shot him upon reaching the threshhold for it's nuke.

The Frigid Squall wounds you with Frigid Squall for 1,474 points of Frost damage.