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    Master Journeyman Tailor's Journal - ingredient locations?

    Hi all.
    Sorry for the newb questions, but I am trying to collect all the ingredients for the Master Journeyman Tailor's Journal.

    First question, is the recipe available through scroll cases or is it only dropped by mobs?

    And secondly, if I understand correctly, only humanoid mobs will drop cryptic texts and ruined second age trinkets?
    So does this mean only orcs, goblins, etc? No bears/wargs/pigs?

    Does anyone have a recommended area to go look for these items?

    My hobbit is actually an explorer but I am trying to collect the ingredients and get one of my kinsmen to craft the journal up for me.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    Re: Master Journeyman Tailor's Journal - ingredient locations?

    It's available through scroll cases, so you can run those crafting bounty quests to get shots at getting the recipe. If you've got friends/alts, that's more attempts.

    Your understanding of humanoid is correct - no animals, but orcs, brigands, goblins, wights, etc all drop them. Also, if you go to the lorebook pages for the items, there's a section called "Dropped In Areas" - if you click on the "(monsters)" link next to a region name, it'll (usually) tell you which specific mobs have that item in their loot table. It can be a bit flaky, but it's a good starting point.

    Depending on your class and level, I recommend hitting the Barrow Downs. Wights drop a fair amount of cash, some good vendor trash, and a decent amount of scholar items - go in with your bags empty and periodically vendor the trash at one of the conveniently located merchants. If you're lower level, any humanoid mob over level 13 or so will drop them. Find someplace you can grind comfortably and go to town.

    Also, try stalking the auction house - people occasionally put up both the recipe scrolls and the mats at reasonable prices.



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