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Thread: Can anyone...

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    Can anyone...

    Critisize my build? I need to know what i should change.


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    Re: Can anyone...

    Quote Originally Posted by ploppy132 View Post
    Critisize my build? I need to know what i should change.
    I can! Your build sucks! See? And I think you should change your underwear. Once a week, at least. Maybe your socks, too.

    On a serious note: Someone else will have to give you a real answer. I'm out of the loop.

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    Re: Can anyone...

    I'd start by replacing the earrings with something that includes ranged Crit.

    Also, I don't quite get the rings. I'd consider replacing the bracelets as well. If you get a cuff or two, they have just as much agil and adds ICPR. If you swap out your rings for something else, you can stand to give up a bit of agil on the bracelets and get glowing aurate armlets with almost 100 icpr each.

    EDIT: The turtle shell bracelets are total win for a hunter. If you can get them, then get them.
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    Re: Can anyone...

    Get different rings. Hunters dont need tact. anything. More power, perhaps.

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    Re: Can anyone...

    As previously stated, begin by obtaining some pieces with Ranged Critical Rating. The 'Rangers Greenwood Earrings' or 'Bregloch' from Sammath Gul work good for that.

    Hunter's use no Tactical Skills... why you choose to use two rings that provide Tactical Ratings is beyond me, but I would ditch them a.s.a.p.!

    An important thing to note is that your main Stat as a Hunter is Agility. I would aim for at least 600 un-buffed. Agility directly effects all of your Ranged Skills.

    Start there and get back to us with an updated build.

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    Re: Can anyone...

    Tough love incoming. You seem to be stacking a lot of Might & Evade to the detriment of Agility & Morale. Try to get to at least 600 AGI.

    • Earrings are fine. Maybe think about a [item]Bregloch[/item] from Gorothul/SG.
    • Necklace is OK, but too much Might. I often suggest the barter neck with identical stats to [item]Ancient Signet Pendant[/item] but the name eludes me.
    • For pocket consider the Will/Fate/Power charm or [item]Lenglammel's Feather[/item] from book 2.6.somethingearly. Or [item]Glass Flask[/item] if the casters in your SG group don't want it.
    • Bracelets have gotta go. No ICPR. Track down some [item]Glowing Aureate Armlet of Morale[/item] or [item]Peerless Turtle-shell Bracelet[/item]s. [item]Ranger's Greenwood Bracelet[/item]s are OK in a pinch but you don't need the Might.
    • Rings shouldn't have Tactical Crit. [item]Ranger's Greenwood Ring[/item] is pretty solid; so are the rings from SG boss 2 ([item]Toringor[/item]) and Warg Pens HM ([item]Curugor[/item]). I like the latter because of Will over Might. [item]Glowing Aureate Band of Morale[/item] is also solid. (Lorebook stas look funky to me though.) The Ashenslades barter guy has a melee ring with pretty similar stats but less morale.
    • Your offhand should have ICPR, and melee crit is pretty low priority. I look for morale/stats before considering anything with melee crit. Turdring from Hall of Mirrors (?) is good all-around. Crit Lothlorien Dagger is great.
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    Re: Can anyone...

    Just a note, Turdring is from Hall of Crafting... first boss.

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    Re: Can anyone...

    Yeah... apart from providing a large amount of will/fate/power those rings aren't doing anything for you.

    I'm wondering what your Virtues are... even with a lot of +morale, +power, etc gear, you still have a pretty small morale/power pool, and I don't see any ICPR on your wrists or off-hand.

    What I target for my build: 5500ish morale, 1000-1100ish ICPR, 3000ish power, mid-4000s ranged crit, 600 agi, significant vit, then as much fate as I can stick on afterward.

    So, to help out:

    Run SG a few times, get yourself [item]Ril-Mir[/item] and a [item]Bregloch[/item] or two. I use [item]Tulloch[/item] for grouping - the current build I have at http://my.lotro.com/character/silverlode/jemima is more solo-ish.

    Also, I don't know what level your bow is, but I do see you're using a Filikul sword in your main-hand. I'd upgrade to level 65 LIs and if you're not a SM Kindred with a guild, get there asap. Having two +390 ranged crit/ranged offense relics is NICE. It frees up the spot that Critical Eye was (or should have been) filling for something else. 2912 ranged crit at 65 is pretty low for a crit-heavy class like the hunter.

    You're not too far off the agi target - with a captain and the right food you could be maxed.

    I'm just wondering where the missing goodness is in your build - you're not stacked for morale, power, rcrit, icpr, agi, etc. Perhaps all your virtues are going toward tactical/ranged/melee defense or something, but I think those are better used after you've reached a certain baseline. If something's hitting you for 4000 and you're running around at 3900 morale, does it really matter that it could have hit you for 4200 if you weren't stacked on tactical defense?

    So - cliffs notes - good start. Hit up SG for its goodies here and there, and take a look at your virtues and relics. And for Pete's sake, change those rings out.
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    Re: Can anyone...

    Quote Originally Posted by Elrendos View Post
    Just a note, Turdring is from Hall of Crafting... first boss.
    You can check out my build at...

    Earrings - SG Drops
    Necklace - Barter Ashenwastes
    Pocket - Barter Haunted Inn
    Bracelets - Crafted currently selling at 3 g 3.5 on BW
    Rings - SG I think ( have 3 or 4 rings I swap around depending, one is the old school glowing Aureate, the others dropped from the DG 3 and 6 six mans, I forget which is which)
    Off hand - HoC
    Armour - Definately worth getting the complete GB set! The 2 pieces from the Watcher should not be to hard anymore. Groups are puggin on BW daily, obviously it may be different on your server.
    Cloak - 2.8.6 there are many other nice ones. SH has a good one that I would target if not for the Shadow and Flame.

    This build seems to be a solid all around build. I get up to about 7.5 Morale in raids and over 3 k power, there is better gear out there for some of those spots but I haven't gotten it yet and this stuff is solid until then. You can buy both the rings and bracelets, barter for a good pocket item and necklace, then buy or craft solid earrings to work until you get some of the dropped ones. (Ranger's Hoops or something like that crit version of the rep recipe in Mirkwood)

    Anyway that is how I run mostly. Hope it helps!
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    Re: Can anyone...

    Thanks for all the advice, will try to swap those rings when i get on :P and try to get some SG runs when i see them pop up, thanks everyone

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    Re: Can anyone...

    I wanted to let the responder's know that a lot of us read and learn from this thread as well - so it benefits more than just the OP. Thanks for sharing.

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    Re: Can anyone...

    What relics do you have in your LIs, and what do have for Virtues? Your Agility is surprisingly low considering you've got Agility in more slots than my character.


    Pocket: [item]Charm of Spirit[/item], barter item from Haunted Inn. Good stuff unless you get something like a Treasury Stone. I'd honestly wear it over a Glass Flask in your case as well as you could use some more Morale.

    Rings: [item]Curugor[/item], Warg Pens drop [last boss]. Best ring out there for a Hunter IMO. In the interim you can at least grab the 20 Vit/Will +Power/Morale barter rings from Ashenslades. They're going to do more for you than Tactical Crit anything (yes, this bears repeating).

    Bracelets: I much prefer bracelets with ICPR.

    Cloak: A quick trip to Gathburz for the barter cloak will be worth your while. You can look for rare drops like Shadow and Flame from 2.6.8 afterwards. I'd grab the cloak from the first boss in Warg Pens if you get the chance as well. If you can ever spare the Agility in your cloak slot it's got fantastic stats.

    Necklace: Barter necklace from OG; same stats as the Ancient Signet Pendant from Forges. Good stuff.

    Helm + Shoulders: Unless you are raiding you don't need radiance in these slots. Don't wear inferior gear just becasue it has Radiance attached. If you can get the last two Great Bow pieces that's wonderful as the set bonus rocks, but otherwise just say no unless the other stats are actually superior. The shoulders from the new epic (III.1.7 I think) are fantastic. There's lots of helms out there to choose from too. One of the Maledhrim barter pieces is very nice, the crit Lothlorien is very nice, there's a good one in Hall of Mirrors.
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    Re: Can anyone...

    As has been already said... get a Turdring in your left hand.

    And find some +power from somwhere. Your power is WAY too low.

    (When I had ~2400 power I was having huge power issues.. now it's 3005, with 1073 ICPR and I'm doing "ok"... I was happier when it was around 3200...)

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