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    Question with level 60 LI's

    Ok, So I recently hit 61 on my Warden and Hunter, and having an SM Woodworker, I made some level 60 2nd Age LI's for them to play with.
    I've levelled them up to about 30, and I'm hearing that when I decon these I won't be able to apply the runes to anything over 60?

    So my thinking is, there is no point to levelling these much higher? Should I be looking for something dropped around 61 plus with higher DPS?
    Shame cause three of the level 60's ID'ed with 4 legacies.

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    Re: Question with level 60 LI's

    Honestly, I would recommend deconstructing them and recycling their IXP into other level 60's (from Rusted Tools or tablets, etc.) for relics / settings. Can get quite a few that way. As for getting a level 61, don't bother until you're level 65. There's Item XP is pretty easy to come by; you aren't going to want to do it again at 65. (Mirkwood makes it very easy to level from 61 - 65).

    Unless you've got tier 8 settings in your current weapons, any LI xp is good, but the sub 60 XP just can't be used on 61+ weapons. It seems like a bummer, but it isn't completely useless. When I deconned my lv 60 weapons, I was able to recycle enough sub 61 weapons to create a tier 7 setting.

    Hope this makes sense!

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    Re: Question with level 60 LI's

    You will eventually want level 65 legendaries -- even a third age 65 will have better DPS than a second age 60.

    But there's no reason to rush the process, or to mess around with intermediate level weapons (61, 63). Just keep using your second age 60's while you are levelling yourself to 65. And in the meantime, keep checking the AH -- you can sometimes find good third age 65's there.
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    Re: Question with level 60 LI's

    A L61 3rd Age will have the same max damage as a L60 2nd Age. It will have fewer legacy points to spend though, and it can't be leveled with old IXP runes. It is also starting from level 1, while you 2nd Age items are over 30. There's no reason to upgrade.

    At 62-64 you'd get more DPS than a L60 2nd Age, but it's still not worth the upgrade. You would be more than 30 levels behind at that time...and you'll never get them leveled high enough before you hit 65 to make it worth the switch.

    Keep your L60 2nd Age items and start looking for good L65 3rd Age replacements.

    Regarding what to do when you break those L60 2nd Age LIs. If they are at max level you will get the following when you decon:

    - You will get a large Moria IXP rune. You can use this to cap a different L60 or below 2nd Age or to break junk LIs. A big, fat Moria rune can level multiple L60 and lower 3rd Age items past 11 to decon for nice relics.
    - You will get a small Mirkwood IXP rune. Use this to help level your new L65 item a bit. They're generally 50-60k.
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    Re: Question with level 60 LI's

    Gotcha, thanks for all the advice. I've been leveling relics since I could, and have all tier 6's or higher on them now, so I'm going to want those back, can you get them if you reforge at 60 and it is maxed? Or are they gone?

    This all makes sense about levelling to 65 as well.
    I stepped out of moria at 60, when it had been slower due to everything being blue, and could not believe how fast it is going since I got out in the sun. So much for leveling two toons at a time to make the game feel slower. Well my burg is 54 hmm...

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    Re: Question with level 60 LI's

    You get slotted relics back when you decon a max level LI. They don't show up in the list of relics received, though, they are just put back in the list of available relics.
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