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    Ferndur the Virulent

    A buddy of mine and I want to get Ferndur's skull from Ferndur the Virulent near the Cauldron of Death in Angmar.

    I've seen some old posts of him being 6-manned at 50. Has anyone done this with Level 60/65 level caps? 2-man? 3-man?

    We might go take a look and feel out the fight and figure minny, burg, tank will work best.

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    Re: Ferndur the Virulent

    I've 3-manned at 60. Champ(me)/LM/Capt. Disease and stuns are the killer here, so LM's are invaluable. I know it's been 2-manned by Warden/LM at 60 too, no Warden has been able to solo yet to my knowledge because of the aforementioned difficulty gates.
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    Re: Ferndur the Virulent

    Some friends and I 3-manned it the other week at 65. Minstrel, Champ, Guard. We killed all the adds on the little island there so we wouldn't have any interference when fighting the boss (since we weren't sure if he would pull them if they weren't dead, and we didn't want any to be accidentally pulled through an AoE), then we killed him by himself.

    It wasn't too bad, but I remember power being a potential issue several times. We just would have the guard open a CJ and go all blue.

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    Re: Ferndur the Virulent

    tried to 3-man it at lvl 60 but time became an issue because the ghost camps would respawn before we could clear them all.
    We got a 4th and had no trouble at lvl 60, so I imagine with the faster combat system it should be possible with 2 or 3 folks at lvl 65.

    Solo still might be too slow to clear all the ghosts ... and in the past you had to clear all non-pathers before Ferndur would come outside.
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    Re: Ferndur the Virulent

    Four manned it at 60 with champ/champ/hunter/capt. Could have done it with three, so no reason it can't be done with two now.

    But it depends what you're there for - to see how small a group you can kill him with or to get the trophy. If you just want the trophy, would probably be more effective to get a group of five or so and commit to that many runs. Especially if two or more are champs - aoe makes that fight a breeze.
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    Re: Ferndur the Virulent

    We four manned it at 60 easy peasy - champion, captain, minstrel and loremaster. You do need to clear the entire island before Ferndur will show. The good news is that the mobs are all grey at 60 (now 65) and won't aggro unless in immediate combat range of a mob you are engaging. This makes the clear less dangerous by orders of magnitude compared to the old 50 level cap days. It also means that respawns aren't really that much of a problem if you are short handed and clearing more slowly. The only thing I don't know is whether any respawns will prevent Ferndur from showing - that is, whether you have to keep the island completely clear or whether you need only have killed each mob once and not have left the island. If the former then there will be a bottom limit on group makeup, as our four man group did start getting some respawns while we were engaged with Ferndur. Enjoy.

    And don't forget that one member of the group needs to have completed the chain leading up to the Raid: Ferndur quest (or Raid: Master of Imlad Balchorth or whatever it is called). I don't think he spawns without that.

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    Re: Ferndur the Virulent

    Quote Originally Posted by pibob314 View Post
    I've 3-manned at 60. Champ(me)/LM/Capt. Disease and stuns are the killer here, so LM's are invaluable. I know it's been 2-manned by Warden/LM at 60 too, no Warden has been able to solo yet to my knowledge because of the aforementioned difficulty gates.
    I foolishly tried this last night and it did not go so well. It would have been easy to solo him as a Warden, the stuns are very short and the power draining disease can be potted. The problem isn't him, it's getting him to come out. When you kill those groups of ghosts to make him come out, the stacking fear DoTs are just brutal. I've soloed CD and Uru, Bogbereth and the usual slate of things, but this I can't see as doable solo. Even if you kite them, they still rock your world. And they can range anyway.

    So I got a couple kinnies to come and we 3-manned it with Warden, Champ and healing RK.



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