I was thinking that Turbine has been coming out with some fun instances and raids lately. I thought this might add a little fun as well.


Idea for new boss:

Orc Necromancer,

The boss is slightly larger than an elf hunched over.

The Necromancer welcomes you to his home and offers you a gift… at a price.
(Applies a buff the duration of the fight to Decrease Attack Speed and Induction Speed by 50%. This is done at the cost of Decreasing Run Speed by 50%.)

Phase One:
He calls his spirits to come and be welcome their new guests.
Boss will use a Disease Nova causing one of three random effects after 8 seconds if not cured (Medium Bleed, 50% chance to miss attacks, or Silence) all lasting 30 seconds each. Sprits enter and leave through walls for phase one. (Each Spirit has a small aggro range and walks slowly, but if they get too close they’ll run over to you and grab/stun you for ~3 seconds and pull your spirit out so you die.)

Phase Two (50%):
Necromancer says that his guests must be shy and insists that they feel welcome.
Boss will summon a totem causing +25% melee damage to all Necromancer allies in range. Living orcs will come in from one of three doors in the back of the room and attack. (These orcs will disarm and aoe cleave.) Spirits will hover down from the ceiling and when they hit the floor they will run to anyone close and grab their spirits and rip them out and you die. (If no one is close they will walk around slowly for 5 seconds and disappear and continue hovering down again.)

Phase Three (25%):
The Necromancer will shout out that you are no longer welcome. His living orcs stop coming, the spirits stop coming, the boss stops making totems and warns the group that their time is running out. He calls out that his gift will become your curse. Your -50% attack speed, -50% induction speed, and -50% run speed is changed to +50% attack speed, +50% induction speed, and +50% run speed. He will then call out names of players and start a five second induction which cannot be interrupted. The boss will throw a large fireball in that player’s direction hitting anything 5 feet on either side (including tanks). (If the group fails to defeat the boss in less than 60 seconds spirits will begin to come out of all walls and down from all parts of the ceiling, filling the room, to get the group.)


Please feel free to let me know what you think.