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    6 Piece Great Bow question

    Hi - I'm rapidly approaching the level where I can begin running the level 60 moria instances with my kin. I notice that the 6 piece "Great Bow" set features a reduction in the cooldown of needful haste. I've searched in vain for the actual amount of reduction this gives and haven't been able to find anyone in my kin who can answer it for me. Does anyone know what the reduction value is?


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    Re: 6 Piece Great Bow question

    30 seconds. it's so insane, that Captain Insano says "Got Dayum - that sh!t's INSANE!"

    it's nice.
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    Re: 6 Piece Great Bow question

    I do wish I could add to what Kerryak said but alas I cannot lol.

    One cannot top such Insane Postage
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    Re: 6 Piece Great Bow question

    As others have mentioned, go for it if you can get it. Just for the set bonus, especially if you trait resolute and intent, it's still the best thing you can have in situations that don't need max Radiance. I wear the full set whenever I'm anywhere that doesn't demand more than the 80 Radiance it offers.
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