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    Urugarth Deeds reset

    I am a stickler when it comes to completing quests. Therefore...when I went to help a low level player in kin with his class items in Urugarth I immediately noticed my deeds had reset.

    Here's a list of the deeds that reset that day:

    The City of Orcs
    Marching Orders
    Trolls of Urugarth
    Orcs of Urugarth
    Beasts of Urugarth
    Champions of Urugarth
    The Pale Followers

    I know that I'm not alone with this happening. A few others in game that I've spoken to have also had theirs reset. I filed a complaint and got the usual "Sorry we can't help you" garbage. Has anyone else come across this?

    On a rant I must add....I really wish that Turbine would change their GM policy. They need to fix it to one where GM's can actually assist you with your concerns. For instance, the day that my deeds reset another error occurred. The body of the Warg guy dropped the warg token. A person in our group rolled on it but her bags were full, therefore it was left on the body. When the person that actually needed the item went to loot it....there was no loot for that person or any other person in our group. We had the origional winner of the item go to the corpse and try to loot it again, but the item wasn't there. The corpse remained sparkly for everyone. We filed a ticket for this and of course it couldn't be resolved......imagine that. I believe that Turbine has the worst possible customer service in any mmo I've ever played.

    Thanks for listening to my complaints and it would be great if someone could actually fix this problem for me.

    Brandywine Server
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