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    Time to change your skirmish reward philosophy?

    So far, you have tried to isolate skirmishes from most of the end-game rewards. I read comments that you wanted instance rewards to stay instance rewards, and for skirmishes to compliment, not replace these systems. (can't remember where, any link appreciated)

    Currently, for the most part, skirmish rewards are cosmetic, or LI enablers (scrolls, runes, settings etc).

    Now someone may be able to convince me otherwise, but I see no reason to limit rewards here in any way. Why are skirmish marks not exchangeable for all in game tokens or rewards? As long as you make the skirmish avenue a time and group size equal one. You don't want to see the current situation where 1 Moria instance and one DG instance are the only two you see groups for.

    eg. a piece of +15 rad armour takes 1 hour of easy mode SH. Equate that with an hour of skirmish marks, add in a couple of 3 man only obtained skirmish marks, and your done!

    Now, let me be clear. I'm not asking for the DN, watcher or BG type gear to be available here, just everything else (yes including the symbol).

    As a second point, it wouldn't hurt the itemisation cause to put in a whole bunch of comparable jewellery and pocket items for skirmish barter. There's really not a lot around at the moment.

    I'd still like to log in someday and see a whole bunch of glff adds for group skirmishes. At the moment, we are no where near that day.

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    Re: Time to change your skirmish reward philosophy?


    Although I still prefer to run skirmishes "when I want" rather than "because I have to." Just requires a balanced approach.
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    Re: Time to change your skirmish reward philosophy?


    The skirmish system has a wealth of untapped itemization potential -- it just makes sense to bring end game gear in to this system.

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    Re: Time to change your skirmish reward philosophy?

    You're right, the potential for what they could put up for Skirmish barter is huge. On top of what they have now, they could even go so far as to offer unique items based on location (Bree-land, Shire, Ered-luin, Trollshaws, Esteldin, Evendim, Forochel, Angmar, Eregion, Moria & Lothlorien) only obtainable from Barter with camps at those locations.

    You could go one step further and call for itemisation across Skirmish rewards, instance rewards and crafting to be optimised, which it isn't and hasn't been for a while.

    One day i'd like to see two three piece sets of armour available from SM barter, two three piece sets available through instance loot (note not from Instance tokens, save them for Radiance barter if they still insist on that bile) and another two three piece sets available from crafting. That way, depending on what you want, you could have two different three piece sets, or three lots of 2/3. More variety = more joy.
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    Re: Time to change your skirmish reward philosophy?

    i do like the idea of having mid end game gear purchasable, but I think they would need to include campaign tokens in the cost. If not, whenever a new expansion/update comes out, people would be able to instantly buy their gear and not even see a large part of the new content. Then, just gate those skirms with book quests similar to it is, so that you need to be atleast up to that part. From there, you can choose do you run the instance, or perhaps the skirm, or a combination there of.



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