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    Skum buged....i think.

    today me a and a group of good players ran skum. when we got to the spider boss we noticed that the small spiders were still spawning. they keept spawning and we could not stop it. we forged on and got the boss to about 30k then she disappeared and re-spawned with full hit points in the third phase. has any one eles had any problems with this ? if so plz tell me.

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    Re: Skum buged....i think.

    Little spiders respawn since mirkwood. WAI.

    The boss despawning is a bug, maybe unless someone in your party died and released (an anti-exploit measure, make the boss despawn if someone is outside the boss room)
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    Re: Skum buged....i think.

    no we were all still alive. but the little bugs are supposed to re-spawn ? well good to know. thanks for the help

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    Re: Skum buged....i think.

    Yup the respawns are definitely WAI.

    Did someone with aggro on the boss get knocked into a position where she couldn't reach them, and cause her to go anti-exploit? If that happens she will reset after a bit, like any other mob. It's annoying but there are still a couple places you can get knocked back into in there that will cause this.

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    Re: Skum buged....i think.

    Hmm, I ran it 2 weeks ago, didn't have any issues with the Boss Despawning. I would submit a bug report.

    I also recommend taking a Warden into that fight if you don't want to deal with the little spiders. Makes the adds Trivial.
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    Re: Skum buged....i think.

    Respawning spiders may be WAI, but it would be nice if they stopped spawning after the boss is dead. Kinda lame when you're looting the chest and spiders are spawning on top of you.
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    Re: Skum buged....i think.

    Honestly the respawning spiders to "fix" the instance was a very poor decision. It makes it more difficult than it is worth for many groups. I doubt many people run this old instance anymore because of it. Seriously though... it's moria medallions. With as bad as GS is nerfed why even waste dev time "fixing" this?
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    Re: Skum buged....i think.

    Is the Hard Mode loot bugged? Every time we run it hard mode we never seem to get any of the good loot from Skum anymore, it's like it all vanished.



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