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    Re: Best/Easiest Solo Class

    Quote Originally Posted by Anchy View Post

    Okay, I read almost all post here and I need to say.. why is hunter for some of you the best in solo?
    I played hunter in Wow but I need to say, there was a lot easier because of pet, who has aggro all the time, so I was always back with my bow and arrows. But here you don't own any pet but you are on your own.
    And I had already a thought, that hunter isn't for me after all... before every attack you need to concentrace (with skill) or put down a trap or both. It's really slowly or am I doing it wrong? And about those monsters and solo.... it's not easy. Monsters always comes to you and attack, while you are fighting them with arrows or blade(knife or whatever..)... but what I wanted to say is, that on my hunter I cannot kill more than 2monsters the same level as me o.O Isn't that weird? But if I want to kill a monster and before that I do all that concentrace thing and trap, than I kill the monster really fast, before it even come to me.
    In my opinion a Hunter is not the best option for solo playing when you are new in this game. If you are a veteran in this game and know how to play it, which virtues and traits are the best, which armour and weapons are the best, and so on then I suppose it is (but then every class is a good solo class I think). Just try a few classes and then decide which is the best for you. It depends mostly of your play style.

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    Re: Best/Easiest Solo Class

    Quote Originally Posted by Anchy View Post
    Okay, I read almost all post here and I need to say.. why is hunter for some of you the best in solo?
    I don't think it is necessarily the BEST in solo, but I often recommend it for new folks for these reasons:
    • Arguably the best solo class, Warden, is a premium class. If you are new you shouldn't spend to unlock a class before you even know if you like the game.
    • Hunter is a high DPS class, which is attractive for many people. This makes it a little faster to level up with.
    • Hunter has relatively straightforward game mechanics, at least up to level 30, especially compaired with Burglar or Loremaster. For some folks that's good so they have the brainpower left over to learn all the non-class specific stuff.
    • Hunters have a large number of travel skills which makes getting around easier, especially if you don't have regular access to Swift Travel routes.

    You should also know that most classes have trouble with more than 2 on-level monsters at a time. Eventually you get more skills that can disable or distract extra unwanted foes. If you are having trouble with that, it may be time for you to review skills you are not using and try them out in those situations.

    If you are unhappy with your hunter, try out some other classes. Guardians and Captains (of the free classes) tend to have the least trouble with multiple monsters. They're not as high-damage as Hunter but they survive much better. Try them out!
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    Re: Best/Easiest Solo Class

    Thank you both for your really helpfull answers and tips. I just made some new classes (champion, burglar and guardian) and the feeling is much better. Now I just need to choose, which is for my opinion better Again, thank you!

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    Guardian and minstrel

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    You ask a whole group of people what their opinion is and you're going to get a huge variety of results. I've tried playing every single class and I'm only really hooked on a few of them. NOTE: these are only my views of the classes.

    Top tier:
    Warden - easiest class to survive in as you can simply spam heals. One of most complicated classes due to the gambit system.
    Rune-keeper - can heal and DPS really well and can easily kite around while killing opponents.
    Captain - invaluable in groups because of their buffs and heals. Though, in my opinion, is really easy to fail at.

    Middle tier:
    Champion - is fun too because they can hit multiple enemies with big attacks and have plenty of survival skills.
    Minstrel - is good because they are pretty much the main healers and is great fun to level.
    Lore-Master - may be the hardest class to level to a certain point which turns people away from playing it.

    Lower tier:
    Hunter - extremely good DPS, but is one of the most played class and personally, I don't like the inductions
    Guardian - haven't gotten far on leveling so can't share my opinion on them.
    Burglar - really good DPS and has good debuffs that can use on enemies and good Crowd Control which makes enemies not attack you.

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    I have all 9 classes. My main is a Lore-master. A lore-master must plan encounters, so you will not level quickly; but after level 50, a Lore-master really shines and is very versatile. To me, the easiest to solo class would be a champion, but you can get overwhelmed. I know the warden least of all (my baby alt among my army ) but I do know that wardens can be just as quick leveling as the champ; but the gambit system makes the warden a more advanced class. Then again, I like advanced classes.
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    Warden. I had a huge writeup describing all the classes, but I was afraid i was re-inventing the wheel. TLDR : Warden is the best bet IF.....you can handle the gambit system. if you don't like it, try other classes to get a feel for what you like

    Guard - Traditional tank style with 2h damage option
    Captain - True hybrid class. Loved in groups, slow but solid solo play
    Warden - most flexible solo class, but high learning curve
    Loremaster - complex class, but flexible in solo play. like captain, loved in groups. less tanky, more DPS-ey
    Hunter - excellent solo class for exploring and killing stuff. best travel skills in game. not as sturdy as warden though, so falls short of best solo class.Very close tho...but if your in for the big achievements (I solo'ed big nasty X boss today!! ) Warden trumps.
    Runekeeper - very dynamic and versatile class. easy to get basic functin out of, hard to master. due to light armor and complexity of dealing with multiple mobs, i put this one as "not friendly" to ultimate solo work, but it can do it.
    Burglar - have no clue...don't play the class

    there ya go. after close to 5 yrs of playing this game, that's what I feel it breaks down to. My personal preference is guardian and RK. They both can do enough of the game that I never worry about it. very close behind them is hunter. but again, if your looking for the ultimate flexibility in solo play, it's warden. And Im not a fan of wardens, but i recognize their ability. SOLO. group function is a whole new can of beans.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malakho View Post
    Burglar - have no clue...don't play the class
    That's a real shame. You sound like someone that enjoys intricate gameplay. You are missing out.
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    Call me biased, but I'm gonna have to answer guardian. If not that, then champ.

    My main is a guard, and I'm still a pretty low level. It's great for a beginner because of the survivability, mainly. You can afford to make a few mistakes and not die. At the same time, there is enough complexity in higher levels to keep play interesting and not just mashing buttons in the same order to kill everything. I also like how the skills are trained in a way that really lets you learn each one and what it does.

    Besides, what could be more satisfying than fighting 5 or 6 on-level mobs and coming out on top?

    We get great survivability in sword and board, and OP is still a pretty reasonable soloing stance, despite what some complainers might say.

    If you can't stand the idea of tanking in groups (since that is mostly what you'll be doing - personally I love it) then consider a champ. It's one of the easier classes to play and there's no confusion about your role: shing-shing your way through everything, pretty much.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arathaert View Post

    If you can't stand the idea of tanking in groups (since that is mostly what you'll be doing - personally I love it) then consider a champ. It's one of the easier classes to play and there's no confusion about your role: shing-shing your way through everything, pretty much.

    If you are new to the game and don't want to spend time thinking alot about how to play the game champion is the way to go. Easy to play at start and good at killing the enemy. With a champion you can just run into danger and come out the survivor. Easy to take on 3 on level mobs and survive.

    As a vocation take Tinkerer - weapons and armour you get as quest rewards are very good; but the jewellry you can make is often better the the quest rewards so become a jewellry. And cooking is good since its often easy to find plenty of stuff from farmers in the AH so you can make your own food to buff your champion.

    Playing a champion lets you explore the world and have fun. After you have gotten to know the world you can then make a second toon - you get 2 toons as a free player - then for the second toon you can select something else.

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    Thanks for all responses, found this thread very helpful. Just subbed and am going to go test out warden now!

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    Keep in mind, Warden's don't get that good until around lvl 20, when they get their Tank stance and can start self healing.

    But, after lvl 20, equip some Blue traits, and you can self heal until the cows come home.


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