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    Angry This new system may be broken

    I think it was a great idea too add Forochel and Eregion for the pages drops, it was outdated that only angmar and the misty mountains drop the pages, but there is something really wrong in this.

    I finish already my quest deed in misty mountains, angmar and forochel, and in Eregion I am doing the last part of silean and restless in echad dunnan and getting ready to enter Moria on my captain and I miss 3 pages, one page on each of my books.

    I was relax cause I check in lotro-wiki where this missing pages supposed to drop and all of 3 are angmar and eregion... But after two days of killing half orcs in Pembar and Barad Morlas, and Dunledings in the north, and reachiong the last quest hub I need to finish the deed I began to worry, counting that I already went back to misty mountains to kill dourhands and goblins and angmar to kill angamrins for the first part of my level 45 class quest.

    With neither of my two hunter or my minstrel I have a problem of this nature, I usually had all my book pages before I reach level 45, now I am almost 48 with no legendary trait.

    I still have to comeback to angmar to grind hillmean for the race trait before I enter moria (I cant grind the ones in North Downs for obvious reasons), but I wanted to know if since this update, and not pages drop of the third book, people are having more trouble finiding pages, are just the captain pages that are becoming imposible to get, or I cant get all my pages before I reach 50 to stop becoming too strong before time...

    Sorry if I was too mad, and a ramble on some parts, but thi is getting frustrated, have two legendary spots open and no triat to put in, is not nice at all...

    With my level 4 class quest, I am waiting for my brother to fix his computer to duo lagmas and helchy that are the two missing components I need... so I dont even have that trait ...

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    Re: This new system may be broken

    This is a theory and thats all it is a theory...

    I believe the page drops while they do occur from mobs in Eregion and Forochel as well as MM and Angmar, I think the drop rates may still be slightly geared toward the original mobs and zones that were the farm zones back in SoA days. For example, I remember weeks of morroval grinding on my capt in the ram duath. I recently leveled a burg and while I was doing that chain as well the orcs and angmarim there and I got 6 pages for 3 books in about 1 hour. I then departed to Forochel to get some quests done and in 3 days of questing I got 1 page. I had 1 page drop when I went to the Moria intro Instance and went back MM for Goblin town stuff and BAM! 45 min later all my books were done.
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    Re: This new system may be broken

    Quote Originally Posted by SpankyPenzaanz View Post
    went back MM for Goblin town stuff and BAM! 45 min later all my books were done.
    Goblin-town is still THE place for book pages. The goblins at Caldwell Pool and Dourhands at Gabilzathur(?) have gotten stingy.

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    Re: This new system may be broken

    If it helps, two of my books competed at level 45 with minimal effort. In one sitting I believe. have played for several hours in each land since then and am still missing 1 page on last book. When I looked up the page I mostly got information from before the changes to page drops. one entry somewhere says that only goblin-town warriors drop it :/

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    Re: This new system may be broken

    I finished two of my books entirely in Misty Mountains and Angmar.

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    Re: This new system may be broken

    I hate to say it but you just have an unlucky toon.

    My cappy has one book finished and still needs 3 pages for one and two for another.

    It seems that book pages never drop or they drop all at once. At least that seems to be the way i gather pages.
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    Re: This new system may be broken

    Try the path up the mountain to Helegrod. I got most of my B-pages from that lot of Hillmen and in short order. The other half I got from the Hillmen/Orcs in NW part of Angmar (straight north out of Aughaire).

    Pages always seem to start showing up after you clear an area once or twice too.
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