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    Legacy upgrades - just unlucky?

    On the last 2 LIs that I leveled, I had the same 2 legacies as upgrades at 40, 50 and 60. I made note of this, because in both cases they were the only 2 legacies that I was hoping not to get as upgrade options. Are the upgrade choices at 40, 50 and 60 always the same, or did I just get really unlucky?

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    Re: Legacy upgrades - just unlucky?

    You had bad luck.
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    Re: Legacy upgrades - just unlucky?

    Bad luck? Nah.. system just isnt good. Its out to get you!!!

    J/k ...sorta.

    Going thru 100's and 100's of them now... I have yet to get anything close to makeing me smile with joy..well maybe once.

    I think only once out of 3-400 trys have I had it pick Legacys I actully wanted and upgrade.

    If there needs to be any quick fix, allow us to pick 3 choices for Legacy choices and Teir upgrades.

    I swear everytime it picks the 2 worst ones...every (many bad words here) time.

    I have stopped playing my lv 60 hunter... sick of farming for good LI. I cant even desribe the horror of trying to get 1 simple bow with 3 legacys i want..
    I have stopped playing my LM... sick of farming for good LI with itlest 3-4 legs i want.

    My lv60 RK.. is only one I'm even slighty .. even just barly happy with her Stone.. The 300+ bags.. nothing. I have had same bag since lv54 i think. I just for w/e reason can not roll a even slighty ****** good bag.

    Your not alone! Only good news is 816marks for a lesser Empowerment. and if you got Mirkwood (i don't, i'm poor), you can get Empowerment scroll and actuly choice what you want.
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    Re: Legacy upgrades - just unlucky?

    Its bad luck but also the odds are very much against you. Once a week I take 4 bows that look promising to level 20 and I have yet to get a single bow with all good legacies on it. I would be happy with just getting the right legacies.

    The nice thing about your upgrade quandry is that at least you can get scrolls to upgrade the levels that you want. Just skimish like a fool for a few weeks and you are set.
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