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    Wardens never say die.

    I present to you, the undead warden:

    Picture 1: I didn't take a horse. I slid from Ost Guruth to Bree. Once I got to Bree I started testing the limits of my death.

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    Re: Wardens never say die.

    Partying with the roleplayers in the Prancing Pony. I was very happy to learn my death pose was not changed by going through a load screen or performing emotes. And yes, the dead can ride horses.

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    Re: Wardens never say die.

    Finally I rode into the Moors. I approached Grams and yes, the only thing that restored me to my proper upright position was death by the one-shotters.

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    Re: Wardens never say die.

    Lol this is too funny. Were you able to fight? Or just slid around the whole time?

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    Re: Wardens never say die.

    Oh no. I was perfectly alive and could fight. It was just a stuck graphic. I know how I did it... and it would be relatively hard to re-create. I guess I'll have to file a bug report on it.

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    Re: Wardens never say die.

    Lol that's great!
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    Re: Wardens never say die.

    Hmm, if you think you know what happened, I wonder if this could be used to fix the various "Play Dead" skills so that it actually looks like you're dead, rather than the totally obvious fake that currently exists. There's still the issue of creeps being able to click on you and see a morale bar, but one step at a time.
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    Re: Wardens never say die.

    If you know how you did it, you wouldn't mind letting us in on the fun wouldja? I think tanking SG as a zombie would be more fun than anything lol

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    Re: Wardens never say die.

    I think the bug is a longshot to do on purpose. You have to play on the survival barrow downs and have a mob that has devastating passive aura damage. After you die in the instance all mobs de-aggro from you and start wandering randomly in circles. You are auto-rezzed at this time in place and remain in the instance for a couple of seconds longer (and no the mobs do not re-aggro) and you have to be just "lucky" enough to have one of these aura damages hit you while you are somewhere between the auto-rez and the transfer out of the instance.

    If this happens, you die again, but the only thing that takes is the death pose. I haven't tried to get this to happen again, and I'm not going to. The repair bills alone make this an expensive thing to try to do on purpose and since it's an unintended consequence they'll end up calling it an exploit.

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    Thumbs up Re: Wardens never say die.

    Lol...+1 rep for making me laugh

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    Re: Wardens never say die.

    I would have loved to see the looks on creeps faces. Theyre running along and ignore the dead freep, then a WoF hits em in the back from out of nowhere and they freak out lol
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    You guys!!! There is such a thing as being too efficient.

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    Re: Wardens never say die.

    I saw that on a Hunter in a 12-man WT skirmish over the weekend too. Very strange.
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    Re: Wardens never say die.

    Great screenshots, OP, that's quite an interesting experience you had. Nothing amazing ever happens to me.

    Except this...

    And this...

    That last one cracked me up so much. The creeps are firing Dwarves over the walls of Glan Vraig!

    And by the way, my screenshots are much better quality now.
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    Re: Wardens never say die.

    Quote Originally Posted by Liarfish View Post
    Once I got to Bree I started testing the limits of my death.
    Yeah, I remember seeing you posting in GLFF -- I thought it was pretty funny.
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