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    Bug on Leaderboard.

    Numerous times the leaderboard does not take into account certain skirmishes, and I don't know why.

    Assault, Battle, and the Rift skirmishes never score for me solo on the leaderboard, and other ones at times never score.

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    Re: Bug on Leaderboard.

    It's a common bug. A lot of people have skirmishes that are permanently marked as not yet attempted with the red ! even after they run them. I'm not sure what Turbine's plans are with this bug. It's never been listed under know issues and I've never seen anyone mention that they either know about it or they are planning to do something about it. It doesn't have any real impact on the game play, however it does impact the leader boards. I run all the skirmishes daily with the exception of the 3 I have marked with the red !.

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    Re: Bug on Leaderboard.

    The leaderboards are fundamentally flawed to the point of complete irrelevance. Not one of my alts has stats that are anywhere near correct. Worse, people who cheated the system with the bug that gave millions of SM still have credit for those. Access to that info should be disabled until they can get it right.

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    Re: Bug on Leaderboard.

    The leader boards for the servers I have characters on seem to working good. My skirmish marks on the board match the number on the skirmish panel for marks earned on my toons. As far as the cheaters go, most of them seem to be on the Brandywine server.
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    Re: Bug on Leaderboard.

    Seriously, this thing hit the second page, without a Dev response. The leaderboards are SERIOUSLY borked. Any idea when they are going to be fixed?

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    Re: Bug on Leaderboard.

    agreed. leaderboard needs fixing for skirmishes.
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