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    Question Bank Vaults and Maps

    1. Can't find a bank. I just converted from trial to paid subscription and included Adventure Pack and "shared space." I am only to level 12 and have moved from Archet to Combe questing. I cannot find a bank or vault keeper yet. I understand the icon is a stack of three coins and have made sure that the map settings are "show all". What am I doing wrong? Have to be a certain level? No banks yet until I get to some other cities?

    2. Maps. Are there any reference maps outside of the game or as add ons? It would be nice to be able to search on such a resource for banks or other other POI.

    Hate to bother you guys on such basic questions, but have done searches and am now pretty frustrated. Thanks for your time and patience.

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    Re: Bank Vaults and Maps

    You will find the nearest bank vaults (and shared storage) in Bree-town. A level 10 or 14 quest will send you in that direction for a tour of Bree.

    That's a little bit different from the other starter areas, which have banks in obvious areas right at the beginning.

    There are several online fan sites with maps, although I'm not sure how searchable they are for generic service NPCs such as bankers. I can't think of one off the top of my head to recommend that has that feature. The Lorebook (a player editable wiki) might have that kind of resource.

    Edit: There are no addons for LOTRO. (It has no public API or scripting environment.) There are "skins" you can download that change the appearance of existing elements in game. You can also press Ctrl-\ to unlock these elements and move them around yourself.

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    Re: Bank Vaults and Maps

    That was fast! Thank you Fredelas! That explains why others were finding banks without a problem and there was no mention of a problem in the searches I made. I thought I must be going blind!

    The UI and Quest helper system are great as they are. No add on needed that I can see.

    Love the game and people like you who help out so readily. Cheers!

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    Re: Bank Vaults and Maps

    As far as map sites go - my favorite map set comes from - http://dynmap.ruslotro.com/
    they are nicely done- in the fashion of the main map on the game interface and have a drop down listing that searches all the Points of interest. It is especially handy for me since I use two monitors- its usually up on the small one (that or the forums lol) and then the game on the other!

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    Re: Bank Vaults and Maps

    Since you are in Combe, the closest vault will be in Bree-Town. Since that is a separate map (and I am at work so can't confirm) it may not show you the vault until get into Bree-Town.

    The other possibility is that it does show the icon, but if you have everything turned on, it might be buried in the mass of symbols that would appear in Bree-Town. If you are looking for a specific place, try turning off all but the symbol you are looking for to see where it is at.

    In regards to a map, the LOTRO Lorebook map has been greatly improved, I use it quite often to find locations that I am having trouble locating.
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    Thumbs up Re: Bank Vaults and Maps

    /drools "Me loves sparkly maps!" /adds to favorites with trembling hands

    Thanks to Rachir and Kryhavoc! Both mapping systems look great and will add enjoyment and subtract frustration!

    Loremaster even let me search Breeland specifically for bank vaults ... and there are two! Further motivation to explore!

    /starts filling out loan request form!

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    Re: Bank Vaults and Maps

    Coupla map hints.

    M is the map open/close toggle key. R click on a map to get it to go up one level. Hovering your cursor over map name that says "To x" will reveal a large + symbol then clicking it will take you to that region of the next map, E, N, S or W if available.

    Make sure your map filter is set to Select All, which I think you've already done.

    I used to use the dynamic maps at that link you were given ALL the time. Not so much any more. Why? The mini-radar, quest-tracker and in-game maps now have symbols and pointers to take you to the quest you have determined to be the quest you are working on now: the Quest Guide Focus. R click on the gold ring to the right of the quest title in the Quest Tracker to set a quest as the Quest Guide Focus so the mini-radar and map will show the pointer and ring for that quest.

    Have fun exploring. At level 12 you can pretty much explore all of Breeland, although you'll want to be careful or "RUN!" in some areas like Eastern Midgewater Marshes, Northern Breefields, Nen Harn, Old Forest, Barrow Downs, etc.
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    Re: Bank Vaults and Maps

    There used to be a LotRO player named TheBrasse who made a lot of maps for LotRO too. Hers were generally not complete zone maps, but rather more detailed maps of important locations.

    To this day I think hers are my favorite.

    Her maps were so well done that SOE hired her to make maps for EQ/EQ2, so I don't think she still makes LotRO maps anymore (She might not even be playing anymore).

    Here is the link to her map listing. http://www.thebrasse.com/maps/LOTRO

    She also does her own comic strip based on MMO's, from the vanatge point of her character, a female dwarf.
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    German version here: [URL]http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?429055-HdRO-chart[/URL]


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    Re: Bank Vaults and Maps

    Just an update. All the advice here has been invaluable to me ... and I bet others too. I feel a lot less lost most of the time and have my maps ... including a more efficient use of the ingame map and radar.

    Thanks again!



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