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    TLH serverwide Tolkien Day Trivia Event!!!

    The Last Hope is sponsoring a server-wide Tolkien Day Trivia Event!!

    Please see flyer below for more information:


    There will be several questions all with a prize to the first to answer correctly!

    Hope to see you all there!!

    To join the private channel, type: /joinchannel TLHTRIVIA
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    Re: TLH serverwide Tolkien Day Trivia Event!!!

    The event is coming up this Thursday!! We hope to see you all in channel to have some trivia fun!

    Also, there will be pipweed, ale and music at the Party Tree if you want to come hang out.

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    Re: TLH serverwide Tolkien Day Trivia Event!!!

    well if we're not having another baseball/boyscout thing IRL, we might be able to make it just to hang out if naught else. Anyway sounds fun, and good luck - I hope it turns out really well
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    Re: TLH serverwide Tolkien Day Trivia Event!!!

    boy oh boy, a topic i know what the heck im talking about!!!

    ohh the arguments ill cause.
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