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    Windfola global chat channels

    I've been on the server since it opened, in open-Beta. However, it was only recently that I became aware of the global chat channels. So, I was hoping the community could tell me more about how these came about and why they are so poorly advertised. I went hunting for the history of these channels here on the forums (the non Windfola forums, too) but didn't find much.
    Right now, I'm aware of the following global chat channels:

    Are there others?

    Back when the server opened, there was a Windfola Kinship Leaders forum hosted by The WATCH. I don't recall global chat channels coming up, but then again, I stopped reading those forums pretty quickly and they don't seem to even exist now.


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    Re: Windfola global chat channels

    You mean there are chat channels besides "/trade"? :/
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    Re: Windfola global chat channels

    There is a Warden channel. Doesn't get used much though

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    Re: Windfola global chat channels

    I agree with you that the fact that these channels don't get avertised and used much is a big problem. I have not even heard of many of the ones on your list. It is very frustrating to be stuck looking for groups in the zone involved, instead of getting other things done. Half the time in glff and alliance you have to sift through the silly kin drama to find the people looking for groups.

    I have a couple of other characters on Vilya and their glff seems to be used much more often. I wonder why it is this way on Windfola?

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    Re: Windfola global chat channels

    Quote Originally Posted by Petruccio View Post
    There is a Warden channel. Doesn't get used much though
    I am on it all the time, and occasionaly as Warden-specific questions, (such as if these LI's are worth keeping since they dont have X skill on them)

    I havent tried the /alliance channel, though im sure (like /glff) if too many people know about it, then it just gets annoying that the channel isnt being used for what it was intended... /glff is meant for Global Looking For Fellowship, not for chit chat... thats why I always /leavechannel glff unless i am using it for the 30s if I am really despirate for +1 or +2 to fill a fellowship...

    I am the Leader of Battle Lore and have recently joined an Alliance with The Illuminators kin and we have our own private Global chat channel, but it is for these 2 kins only...
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    Re: Windfola global chat channels

    The global channels are a great idea, I just wish we weren't limited to four channels. In other games I've played, there has always been a global crafting channel where people would chat while processing. I've been unable to find such a channel on Windfola. GLFF is a very active channel. I've found many groups there. I haven't used any of the others because all my channels are being used by something else. I think I found out about GLFF from LFF or my kinship. I can't remember.



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