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    Re: Dear Wardens:How to fight in the Moors?

    Quote Originally Posted by Iwillskoolu View Post
    i use WASD to turn, and always have my right hand on mouse click skills and strafing.
    I find key-clicking a little quicker and more efficient in a 1v1 when popping of gambits-fast-is essential.
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    Re: Dear Wardens:How to fight in the Moors?

    Given all this talk about Moors, do any of you have an opinion on whether or nor Wardens should be using specific gambit tactics vs specific creeps, like wargs, reavers, defilers, etc, and how that may vary when you are solo, small group, or in a raid.

    In a perfect encounter, I do like ambush followed up by desolation. Attacks after this sequence varies depending on what I feel like and the current situation...ie, the race of the creep and whether or no I or the creep has friends around, etc. Given, i'm not getting many Kb's as I'm more interested in debuffing the creeps so everyone can burn them down faster and we all walk away from the fight.
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    Re: Dear Wardens:How to fight in the Moors?

    It all depends on what you are fighting in my opinion.

    Wargs- Keep your b/p/e up and stack DoTs like mad. You can wreck a warg simply through keeping up Warden's Triumph and your 3 major dots.

    Spiders- Essential to keep hampering javelin on them so they can't kite. I like to keep up desolation on them because it pops them out of their burrow. Javelin Skills come in handy in these fights. Always run in conservation in these fights, they will put toxin on you.

    Black Arrow- Chump of a fight for us. Get up in their face, let them burn MT, keep them slowed, and kill them. Straight and simple.

    Reavers- Probably my toughest fight. They have loads of morale, great mitigations, good debuffs, and insane DPS. I like to self heal and keep DoTs on them until their power goes down and then go all out DPS. You can also kite them to let your HoTs run their course.

    War Leaders- The most boring fight. I had a 7 min 1v1 yesterday with a WL. I usually just keep my DoTs on them until they spam heal enough to burn their power pool. At that point I switch to recklessness and run WT, Onslaught, Wages, and Unerring Strike until they die. Onslaught is great in these fights because it is an interrupt and is very power efficient for the DPS it puts out.
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