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    Thumbs up Virtue Community

    We are recruiting!

    Who Are We?
    Virtue Community is a multi-game gaming community of mature gamers who are looking to have a good time in game while still accomplishing game content. We have been around since June of 2009 and have already expanded into 4 games with more expansion planned in the near future. Our Lord of the Rings Online division has players that have been playing since the release of the game and have decided to start fresh on Arkenstone under our new kinship.

    Our Mission Statement
    We strive to maintain a mature, helpful, generous and kind group of players. We encourage the inviting of close family and friends of all ages to our community and we have separate forums and Ventrilo channels to provide age appropriate discussions environments. The overall goal of Virtue is to have fun; after all this is a game. What constitutes fun in a game is different for each person so we will actively support all playing styles. A kinship is a group you join for support as well as the social aspects, so we have a government structure in place to assure both the health of the community and the development of our members.

    Virtue Community Structure
    The Virtue Community Council manages all games in the Virtue Gaming Community. The Council votes on all community matters and is made up of a chair person representing a specific society/group in our government structure. For example, the chair person of crafting has the duty to oversee all crafting related events and information for all our games and that person will supervise all officers in that society/group in every game. Individual game officers will only have responsibilities pertaining to the game they are an officer in and do not control community matters. If the Council is in a dead lock vote, the High Council will cast the tie-breaking vote. The High Council will also serve as an appellate court to decisions made by the Council. Please see our website for details.

    If you are interested in finding out more about us or joining us, head on over to our website to find out more. You can submit an application here. You can also contact Calosi, Eyekan, Currsed, or Kaskriel in game for more information. We look forward to seeing you in Middle Earth!

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    Re: Virtue Community

    This is a great chance to merge the small kins together and share the virtue resources. Ventrilo is great for doing group sessions, and a good way to make friends. There would be no website work to keep up, either.

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    Re: Virtue Community

    We are all about ready to head into Moria and we are almost rank 6! We have all enjoyed the changes they have made to the beginning game content since we last leveled characters.

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    Re: Virtue Community

    We reached Rank 7 as a kin and now are the proud owners of 4 Brookbank Street in Nickbury of the Shire Homesteads. Come visit and check us out at http://www.virtuecommunity.com



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