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    Mar 2013
    Hoi, I would like to join your kinship. Im playing this for only a week, and looking for some older ppl to have fun with

    Greetings, Bloempje

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    Welcome aboard Bloempje we are glad to have you

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    Been with the clan for around week now and everyone that i have meet so far is the bestest they are all so helpful and kind and funny. One of the nicest grp of people i have played with for a long time.

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    Love the kin

    I have been with the kin only for a short period of time, but I have to say it has quickly became one of my best decisions in MMOs. Everyone on the guild is friendly, and accepting, they won't smack down on you just cause you don't have the latest gear or highest stats, after all, I'm playing the game for fun, and I'm having loads of it playing with Hammerfist. I remember a while a go when I had to get my class items, everyone jumped aboard to help me with it, we had so many people that wished to help that some 85s had to take turns just to help out, which has never happened before in any other guild I've joined. It is also great that we are multi-game, which means even if you wanted to try out other things, you'll never be alone. We even had a team in the neverwinter beta, and is always willing to try newer mmos, so come join us and just have fun!

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    This sounds like a great kin. How can I join?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wayoff View Post
    This sounds like a great kin. How can I join?
    you can go to http://www.hammerfistclan.com/ then hit the join tab, there will be directions to fill out an application forum, be sure to check back on your posts as many people will post questions for you to answer, a way for everyone to know you since we don't all play the same game. After you submit the info, feel free to pm one of us if we are online and you can play with us until you are accepted, its pretty rare for someone to be rejected.

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    Jun 2011
    Somewhere In Neverland..
    Hello there!

    I have recentely transferred over to Brandywine from Eldar, having been here since the very beginning in 2007

    Unfortuntely I am finding myself without many friends and people to socialise with, as you can imagine I enjoy that aspect. My main class is a Minstrel, although I do play Hunter and Captain aswell!

    I'm a regular, daily player and usually manage to play once I get home from work, although on weekends I sometimes play into the early hours of the morning. My only problem is that I am 17, and will turn 18 in August this year. I wondered if I'd be granted an exception, I understand if that's not possible but it was worth asking I suppose!

    Anyhow, I'd appreciate if you could reply whenever you have the time and I will be online later if you wish to contact me in-game!


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    My apologies for responding so late. I an sorry but we do have a 18+ policy. Please check back with us in a few months.

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    Jun 2011
    taking only 18?

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    Hey bluemarlin!

    I just applied to the kinship. I hope I'm a good fit for The Hammerfist Clan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GilaR View Post
    taking only 18?
    The age requirement for our kin is 18 years or older. I hope this answers your question.

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    Nov 2007
    Hammerfist is still recruiting. We have members of all classes and levels. Check us out at http://www.hammerfistclan.com/

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    Jun 2007
    Jakarta, Indonesia
    Hello there,

    I am interested with the kinship, just like to know what is the usual playtime for most members?
    And does the ventrilo is a must?

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    We have a player base in all time zones with the most active being between 6 pm to 12 am est (gmt-5) We do have a mumble voice chat server but it is not mandatory to use it. if you have any more questions feel free to contact me or visit our website www.hammerfistclan.com Thank you

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    Smile A friendly and helpful group!

    Howdy howdy,

    Just a quick post to observe that Hammerfist is, as advertised, a friendly and enjoyable group of players.

    I responded to a recruitment post a little over a month ago (swapping to LOTRO from WoW), and since then I've found this group to be both really helpful and humorous.

    There is a lot of flexibility and variety in play styles, and this 40-something female altaholic gamer feels right at home.

    Check us out!


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    Mar 2009
    Hello everyone, im interested in this kinship. Long time mmo vet here, I go back to the UO days and really kicked things into gear for Everquest, AC and DAOC. And when LoTRO hit I was on an mmo break and just never caught on with it. But its always lingered in the back of my mind, and I finally found the greatness that is LoTRO. I was on a hunt since quitting WoW to find an mmo to really sink into, and I have been to them all to cap and then some.

    Only question im curious about with this kin is how dedicated is it to LoTRO? I clicked the guild link was a little saddened that it went to more of a Neverwinter themed setup. Which I was in Neverwinter as well as a control wizard, but that game just didn't do it for me.

    Anyways, the two kins that im looking at is this one and Dol Amroth, and I just want to make sure whichever kin that takes me in is still dedicated to this game and wont be migrating towards another game as the months roll by here.

    So, hope to see whats happening here. How many members does Hammerfist have currently?

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    We have a dedicated team in lotro. Our kin has been active since launch and we continue to add new members. The thing that sets us aside from other kins is that we have a multi-gaming community. This allows members to play other games without having to search for a new guild. Each team stands on its own and the lotro branch is strong and quite active. We have members that have been here since beta. We do group content almost every day and raid frequently. If this sounds like something you are interested in then please fill out an application on our forums. I hope to hear from you soon. Happy hunting

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    Still actively recruiting come check us out www.hammerfistclan.com

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    Although I am a new member to the kin I just have to say what a great bunch of players. Very helpful and a laid back. Best move I have made so far.

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    Still actively recruiting come check us out www.hammerfistclan.com

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    I wanted to add my voice to those praising this kinship. I applied about 4 - 5 weeks ago, and was warmly welcomed into Hammerfist Clan. I have found my new home. The people in this kin support you, know the game and have fun. I've found people who will join in on anything I might want to do in the game: raiding to exploring to music to decoration to creep-side insanity (or freep, if you roll that way). I've already found regulars to play with at high level, others with whom to level alts, still others who will help with crafting, and still more others who can answer almost any question I might have . . . . I've even worked out a deal with one of my kinmates to be an interior designer for my new houses.

    So you know, I'm a six-year veteran of the game, have been in several kinships on this and other servers, and officer in some. This kin has a great organization, a great balance and a great attitude. And, if you're feeling the need to stray to another game, odds are good that Hammerfist has a presence there. Strong recommendation for those looking for a place in Brandywine.

    Ryleth (RK Brandywine)

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    Thank you NikolaiWolf!

    If you looking for a stable and mature kin we are it! Come and try us out at hammerfistclan.com

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    If you are looking for a great group of people at all levels to enjoy the game with you owe it to yourself to check us out at: http://www.hammerfistclan.com
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    We are still recruiting active players to join our ranks. If you are undecided on what kin to join please check us out, you will not regret it.

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    If you are searching for a place to call home where you can enjoy all aspects of the game from questing, crafting, running instances, raiding, and even trying your hand at monster play then check us out at www.hammerfistclan.com We are actively recruiting all classes and levels as we await the arrival of Helm's Deep in less then a month!


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