We are steadily building our ranks up and are still looking for more people who fit our philosophy. The following statement should give you an idea of what our kin values and looks for in new members.

We're an adult guild looking for mature members age 18 or older. We're a social/casual guild passionate about our gaming. How you choose to spend your gaming time is up to you. Dictating how and when you need to play is not our style, we understand part-time gamers with full-time lives. It's our goal to provide a friendly, stress free environment in which to enjoy the game. If you are looking to join us, some things you should keep in mind are: We value friendship over loot and hoarding. Guilds can be an excellent place to meet new friends and share good times and experiences that keep with you for years. Squabbling over loot has no place here. Providing a decent environment, void of riff-raff and distractions is an A-1 priority in any MMO we play. Leaving the drama behind and entering a world of fantasy and fun is what it's all about.

This doesn't mean we are not serious about our gaming. We have a group of players that regularly run instances and LL dailies. Another benefit of joining our community is that we are a multi-gaming guild so if you ever get bored of one game you can switch to another without the hassle of trying to find another guild that fits your play style. If you think you might be interested in joining us head over to http://www.hammerfistclan.com/ and put in an application.