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    Hammerfist Gaming Community

    The Hammerfist Clan 18+ [ Mature | Social | Casual ]

    Kinship Established July, 2007

    Guild related Interviews from other MMO's:
    Recruitment Status: Currently accepting applications
    IGN Guild Interview (click here)
    Ten Ton Hammer Interview (click here)
    Who are we?
    We mainly cater to the mature player. Players who have time restraints, family, spouses, full time jobs. Players who know what it's like to have bills and mortgages to pay. Players who know what "waggro" is (I just described myself!) We know real life commitments are a priority with older more mature gamers, and thus we'll never overload you with requirements, and expect you to jump through a bunch of silly hoops just to get a few hours of gaming in with your friends.

    Some of our core values and offerings:
    *A thriving healthy community, filled with activity. Members are encouraged to become involved and speak their minds. Everyone has a voice, and using it helps us grow wiser and gives us the means and information necessary to continually improve!

    * Not just another guild, but an actual community for members to socially interact with other members on a personal level. I've made a good many friends through guilds, a few have even become real life friends. It's our mission to offer a respectable environment void of idiots and muppet heads (yes I said muppet heads...remember them??) to everyone who walks the path of adventure with us.

    *A golden rule we believe in: Treat others as you would like to be treated. We like everyone to think of their fellow members and guild mates as family not just another number or body. Get to know your fellow guild mates, and most importantly treat each and every new member with respect. We're all on the same team and working for the same cause, It's important to know you can count on your new brother or sister in a pinch

    * Officers - not an elite club. Officers are there for the people, and represent the masses. Officers earn their places among us, and are expected to earn their keep. At no time do we ever plan on making the officership a "cool club for kids".
    These are a few of the basic values we carry with us, whatever the cause or game may be, these will always travel with us.

    Below is our guild summary.

    Guild Name: The Hammerfist Clan - [THC] [HFC] [HGC]
    Guild Website: hammerfistclan.com | net | org
    Main Time Zone: [USA]
    Web Admin: Brakkish
    About Us:

    We're an adult guild looking for mature members age 18 or older. We're a social/casual guild passionate about our gaming. How you choose to spend your gaming time is up to you. Dictating how and when you need to play is not our style, we understand part-time gamers with full-time lives.

    It's our goal to provide a friendly, stress free environment in which to enjoy the game. If you are looking to join us, some things you should keep in mind are: We value friendship over loot and hoarding. Guilds can be an excellent place to meet new friends and share good times and experiences that keep with you for years. Squabbling over loot has no place here. Providing a decent environment, void of riff-raff and distractions is an A-1 priority in any MMO we play. Leaving the drama behind and entering a world of fantasy and fun is what it's all about.

    Guild category: Adult 18+
    Voice: Yes, Ventrillo - lightspeed
    Recruiting members status: Open to friendly adults 18 years of age or more.
    Server type: Apache - Linux [stable, secure, reliable]
    Forum Software - Vbulletin with a professional license. [see why we use the best]

    ______________________________ ___________________
    contact us | homepage | forum | code of conduct | join

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    Hammerfist Gaming Community

    Re: The Hammerfist Clan 18+ [ Mature | Social | Casual ]

    Updates and News
    (for future use)

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    Re: The Hammerfist Clan 18+ [ Mature | Social | Casual ]

    After being in a couple of different kinships in the game, I hooked up The Hammerfist Clan about a year and half ago. This is great group of players! Casual, laid back, yet serious about the games they play.

    In game, they have always extremely helpful and friendly. There is always somebody willing to help out a kinsman with a quest, raid, or what have you. We also have a well established crafting group with a seveal folks already at the Supreme Master level. They will craft almost anything you can think of for little or no cost, usually just supply the mats if you can.

    If you are looking for a friendly bunch to group with or just hang out and bs in kinchat, you couldn't find a finer group of folks, IMO.

    Even when we aren't playing. We are hanging out in our forums chatting and talking about upcoming games that we are interested in.

    Drop by and take a look for yourself.
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    Re: The Hammerfist Clan 18+ [ Mature | Social | Casual ]

    I have been in the kin for over 2 years and we have a solid core group of players. We have many people that are willing to help you get all you can out of this game. No mandatory raiding. Check us out on our forum and try to reach one of us in game. We are primarily North American players with people in EST, CST, MST, and PST. I think best times for most of us are evenings from 6PM to 12 PM EST. I don't log in until about 9:30 EST and am usually on for about 2 to 3 hours, depending on the wife and kids. Friday and Saturday nights tend to be family/movie nights, in which case I do not get on until they have all gone to bed.

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    Re: The Hammerfist Clan 18+ [ Mature | Social | Casual ]

    When I was looking for a kin, Hammerfist stood out and I've never looked back. Solid in every way, i can't recommend us enough!

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    Re: The Hammerfist Clan 18+ [ Mature | Social | Casual ]

    I joined The Hammerfist Clan over a year ago and love it!!!! Everybody in the kin gets along well and we're a solid group of gaming "family". Anytime you need help somebody will always go out and do whatever you need help with. For instance, I started a new toon, and another player was out helping me last night just because there were some quests that I couldn't do without help. I couldn't say anything bad about the kin, they've all taken me into their arms especially since I am one of the handful of girls in the kin!!

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    Re: The Hammerfist Clan 18+ [ Mature | Social | Casual ]

    I'd like to join. I'll have to finish the newb area first I think...lol

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    Re: The Hammerfist Clan 18+ [ Mature | Social | Casual ]

    Hi Kelvryx! I'm not sure if anyone has contacted you yet, but if you're still interested, head over to the Hammerfist website check it out.


    You can find more info there including details on joining the kin.

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