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    Revert Changes to UI Panel

    Hey guys, I was messing around with my UI panel and I'm not sure how to revert all the changes I've made to the positioning. In essence, I want all of the panels back to their default positions. Can anyone help me? Thanks.

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    Re: Revert Changes to UI Panel

    Good question. I'm not sure there is a command to do it directly, but I have managed to get back to the default element positions indirectly.

    A little while back, commands were added that let you save a ui layout and then load it on to another character. You can read the details here:http://lorebook.lotro.com/wiki/Relea...User_Interface

    Basically, what I did was create a new character, which will start up with the default ui positioning. When you are logged into that new character, type:
    /ui layout save <name>
    (in this case, I put 'default' as the name)

    Then log back over to the character you are trying to change and type:
    /ui layout load <name>

    If you use this same saved ui to "reset" other characters in future, the only tweaks you may need are to the special panels present in the Rune-keeper and Warden ui, but that isn't too bad.

    I hope this works for you. Good luck.



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