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    Is this normal? :/ (client download problems)

    Trying to download the client via the regular (Pando) downloader, after the TDM crapped out on me at 5.40GB for two days straight, despite repeated attempts to restart it.

    Now this thing is stuck showing an infinite loop between 6,870 and 6,910 kb.

    I created a trial account to ask, as I remembered having problems the last time I resubbed a year ago, and wasn't going to commit to a payment until after getting the client downloaded this time.

    Anyway, right now I'm just wondering if this is "normal", or if I should be looking into troubleshooting. Or just completely throw in the towel and go back to WoW (No, not really =P Sick to death of WoW's community, and looking for a change of pace :-))

    Edit: ... You're not going to believe this. On a whim I decided to go looking for my original SoA collector's edition box. I was sure I lost it when we moved a couple of years ago, but lo, right on top of my dresser (Underneath my copy of Rock Band 2 oddly enough), there it sat, with the original disks inside.

    So if all else fails, I still have the old base SoA client to work from Squee

    Second edit: It's patching. This is a good sign. I have no idea what was causing the problems with the TDM and Pando, but this is working for me, so I'm just going to leave well enough alone and let the patcher do its thing over the next however-long-it-takes.

    Also, sorry again about the WoW crack ;-) Really was just kidding, but now, in retrospect I kind of feel it was in bad taste (as I've been reminded of just how long I've been a fan of Turbine's games <3)

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    Re: Is this normal? :/

    Glad things seem to be going your way now.

    Don't worry about the WoW joke...we all make em.

    Advice: stay away from TDM...use the full client download

    You may also want to avoid installing from your SoA disks since there's been sooo much added since then it'd take forever to update. As long as you go with the full client download you should be fine and it'll update the fastest (it's the most recent client).

    Sorry, don't know what Pando is, so no comments there.

    Good luck and let us know if you have any questions or want advice on the game.
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