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    Free month after upgrading?

    Title says it all. Thanks in advance for responses.

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    Re: Free month after upgrading?

    Unless there has been a recent change in offers that I have not seen:

    Upgrading a trial to a subscription should get you 30 days free, yes.

    If, however, you are upgrading an existing subscription (either to Moria or Mirkwood), no additional time is included.

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    Depends on which game I'm in :)

    Re: Free month after upgrading?

    A Trial/Buddy/Guest account will always get 30 days when it is upgraded. An existing account only gets 30 days when upgrading with a retail box (not with a digital upgrade). From the Mines of Moria FAQ:
    Does Mines of Moria come with 30 days of free gameplay?

    Any boxed version of Mines of Moria comes with 30 free days of gameplay. Digital versions of Mines of Moria do not come with 30 days of free gameplay, unless you are upgrading a trial, guest or buddy account.
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    Re: Free month after upgrading?

    Actually, the Moria upgrade on the Account Management website does not include any free time anymore. The Mirkwood upgrade does, and any box versions will include 30 free days. We're updating the FAQ.

    On the Account Management page, if free time is included, the product description will explicitly note that.
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    Re: Free month after upgrading?

    Yep I found this out this morning when I upgraded my trail to MoM. Wish I had known that it didnt come with the free 30 days I would have went ahead and spent the little extra for Mirk even though it will be awhile before I can use it. By the time you factor in the free month the Mirk expansion would have only cost around 6 bucks extra. I was actually wanting to get the Mirk collector pack so figured I would just do MoM for now so I could access the full game and forum content and then order the Collector pack on monday Doh!

    Btw anyone have any idea how long it takes once you upgrade the trial before you get full forum rights? Is this not going to update till the 10 days expire?

    Actually found this answer myself. But for others who might wonder, it takes about 2 hours to update through the system.
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