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Thread: something wierd

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    something wierd

    this its a pain, and i would like to say sorry from the start.

    here its my case.

    i pre-order lotro and so of course i beta tested it
    i got the 9.99$ a month plan at that time.

    after a few months i HAD to go away and couldnt play at all, so my account got cancel.

    a few years later i stared to play again, this time i played WoW and its oooook, but i wanted something new (at the time i also beta tested DDO)

    so then i saw the trial, and i though humm lets see how it has come along after all this time, well i loved the warden, witch wasnt there on opening day, so i used my trial account and been playing it, (now i have an account in WoW that i pay for it but hardly use it) after i created my trial account i then remember about my older account i had here, so i went and try to log on to it (in game) and my account was there my character wasnt but i dint care much since i wanted a warden, well i cant make a warden with my main acount cause of not having moria expansion, so i though to my self ok i go and re-activate my account and get the expansion (online) but it tells me that i have to pay the 14.99 a month subcription.

    now in a shell thats my story, here are the questions.

    can i activate my older main account at the 9.99$ per month?
    can i or someone transfer my current warden to my main account(after i update it with the moria expansion)?

    if so iam willing to cancel my WoW and continue to play my warden over here.

    any other questions pls ask them, iam full of answers lol

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    Depends on which game I'm in :)

    Re: something wierd

    Part of the conditions on the special $9.99/month offer was that you kept the subscription active. Once it was cancelled you lost the special price plans, and can only choose from whatever plans are currently available. The current price plans can be seen here. There is a 3-month option for $29.97, which is an average of $9.99 a month. You may be interested in that instead of the monthly.

    Characters cannot be transferred between accounts. There is a premium service to have them transferred to a different server, but they will still be on the same account. The characters created on the original account will still be there, unless you deleted them. The most common reason for not seeing the character is that you have logged into the wrong server.
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