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    A Question and some observations

    The Question:
    So, is it just me, or are Sapphire Shards scarce/overpriced? What or where do they come from? A craft process? Are there alternative ways to get them (drops)?

    Observations (I have only been at this a couple months now):
    I completely appreciate the node system and how it works. I don't see a problem with "harvest the common stuff to get to the good". What I have experienced on Arkenstone with both my 20th lvl GRD and 22nd lvl HTR is this- while using the Auction House frequently, it appears that as a crafter, one needs to gather and "put back in the system" via the AH, all the convertable "stuff" one gathers and doesn't need for the betterment of all players online.

    For instance, my GRD is a Weaponsmith. She gets a lot of flax, umber, salts, opals, etc, etc. Now, for a while I would gather and sometimes auction off these unwanteds, but when in a hurry, I might just sell them to a store NPC.
    What I am wondering is whether doing this puts a damper on "free trade" (as it were) on a given server or not? I mean, selling opals to a NPC doesn't turn them into a polished opal that I DO need, so am I essentially cutting my own crafting throat here by not auctioning them for some Jeweler? I guess somebody out there is doing it, but assuming doesn't really accomplish much. Maybe this is why certain things are less common than they should be?

    Or maybe I am just WAY off base... replys wanted regardless!

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    Re: A Question and some observations

    I'm not going to try to answer all that you asked, but sapphire shards are easy to come by. Just head to the Barrow downs. There you can get an easy (repeatable) quest with sapphire shard as the quest reward.
    Aldekim (95 Landroval) Aldekim (65 Meneldor), Aldekim (13 Arkenstone),Aldekim (33 Laurelin), Aldekim (11 Nimrodel), Aldekim (Crickhollow), Aldekim (Elendilmir)

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    Re: A Question and some observations

    Sapphire shards can be gotten using skirmish marks in the skirmish camps from the "crafter". Run some skirmishes and turn in the marks to get shards - sapphire, beryl, ruby, etc., etc. This is probably the easiest way IMO.

    Also, as far as getting crafting mats that you can't make yourself, most people either:

    A) buy from AH
    B) ask kinmates
    C) create alternate characters (aka, alts or chars) that have the other crafting professions -- thus making you self-sufficient.
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    Re: A Question and some observations

    Thanks for the quick replys!

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    Wink Re: A Question and some observations

    .....and i never thought about putting those up on the AH. blah

    NOOB alert!



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