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    Angry good game but........

    I have tried to play this game for 3 days after I first started to download it but now I would like to play the dungeons and dragons online game instead so how do I go about doing this without having to completely change computers and completely changing my e-mail for it just so I can play the game??

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    Re: good game but........

    Just to clarify, you are wanting to cancel your LotRO game but use the same turbine account to start the DDO game? Or are you wanting to get rid of LotRO off your computer and put DDO on?
    New Player? Check out this chart for Quest Pack access for different accounts/purchases. [URL]http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?427692-LotRO-Account-Quest-Pack-Access-Chart&p=5778210#post5778210[/URL]

    German version here: [URL]http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?429055-HdRO-chart[/URL]


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    Depends on which game I'm in :)

    Re: good game but........

    You should check the DDO forums. If you are asking how to add a DDO free trial to your existing Turbine account, you'll need to contact the account people for DDO. There should be information in the DDO forums on how to do that.
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