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    Cant get music to work

    I downloaded and got some songs for my character. i do /music and /play "songtitle"

    it starts playing but i dont hear it correctly. how do i fix this??

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    Re: Cant get music to work

    What do you mean by not hearing them correctly?

    Are they playing and the notes are just messed up somehow? Or are you getting error messages? Are the songs not even starting?

    If the songs aren't even playing, type /playlist to make sure the songs are being recognized. If they're not showing up then you may have downloaded them to the wrong folder or they are not saved in the correct format (abc file).
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    Post Re: Cant get music to work

    During the Yule festival me and another person were encountering reallllly choppy music when trying to play .abc files.

    I finally messed with my in-game settings and changed my audio settings to Realtek software instead of Realtek Hardware (that the game defaulted to) and that fixxed it for me. However the other person couldn't come up with a fix for his issue.

    But yeah, it depends on what you mean.
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