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Thread: Headcount

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    I guess i missed the deed in my log amongst the chaos that was launch day. So i require few more kills during the Malladrhim landing. Is there anyway to complete this deed now, or am I doomed to look at it in my deed log for the rest of time?

    I apologize if there is already a thread about this.
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    Re: Headcount

    Until they fix things about these deeds (in some upcoming patch), your forced to stare at it.
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    Re: Headcount

    The Taughash Orcs in Gostannon count towards this deed.

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    Re: Headcount

    I finished this one before leaving the landing, but you might try checking out the Reflecting Pool to see if you can run the Hilltop Assault instance again.
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    Re: Headcount

    Just wondering if this has been fixed yet? It'd be nice to finally clear this one out of my log.
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