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    Unhappy bought lotro, lost free trial character :(

    hi there, i bought lotro and a month's subscription yesterday, my free trial ran out today. i had a lvl 20 character on the free trial but now its over and im on my subscription i have lost it. can anyone help? much appreciated.

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    Re: bought lotro, lost free trial character :(

    i believe all you need to do i reactivate your account using your old trial password and username. im not 100% sure but i think thats how it works, im sure someone from customer support will reply to you your post soon.

    i just noticed your post and didnt want you to think no one cared about you losing your trial char and also wanted to welcome you to lotro.
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    Re: bought lotro, lost free trial character :(

    Chances are you created a new subscription instead of upgrading the free trial. If that's the case you'll need to contact Account Management so they can correct it for you.
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