Veary good and interesting guid. For me its 4 QK and 3 TG. I have tryed the 3 full line and i never liked to have 5 trait in the same Color. For me the gamble is a very good help to complet a dps build with QK. My weapon is build for surpise trike from stealth and bleed dmg.

One thing that im not sur but desapoint me is the legacy +x% burglar skill bleed dmg do not affect the dmg gamble DOT.

I like to use LS and some time Feint attack with there 5minutes cooldown. They are still usefull when needed. Using them with cooldown of 15 or 1 minutes is a wast for me compared to all what i can do by sloting some other bether traits from other colors.

What i find interesting is the use of WPS from stealth. I have to test somthing with that.