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  1. Missy's Tailoring Guide

    I had noticed there was alot of information out there but it was scattered around in different places, so I tried to gather it all up and write a tailor's guide.


    I included:

    1. A basic guide to crafting and crafting guilds.
    2. Brief descriptions of the quests for tailoring (with links).
    3. A "Fast Track" guide for getting to SM using as few hides as possible plus a cost breakdown.
    4. Recipes and the stats of the item created (regular and crit) side by side for easier comparison.
    5. Ingredients needed for each recipe.
    6. Breakdown of hides needed for each recipe (plus any hidden items you need such as the gem needed to make some components).
    7. Where the recipe is found (Automatic, Drop, Vendor).
    8. Craft exp gained.
    9. Armour Comparison section which shows the main stats of each group of armour. This makes it easy find that perfect piece to fill in your outfit.

    What I tried to do different with the recipes is to put them in a more recognizable format (like you would see in a tooltip). All recipes include links to the lorebook. Note: some items do not exist in the lorebook yet, like Lothlorien armour, hopefully they will update that soon.

    I also put each like piece next to each other (leggings next to leggings) for easy comparison (grouped by tier and type, however there are a couple exceptions like Losseth armour).

    Here is a couple screenshots of a bit of it.

    Please let me know if there are any errors or suggestions
    You can leave them here or edit the "Feedback" portion at the bottom of the page.

    I have updated it to include the new SoM armour and the recent changes to recipes. I am sure with all the changes I missed something or messed something up I will try to fix the errors as I find them so be kind.

    I hope you find something in the guide helpful.
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