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Thread: Scholar Nodes

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    Scholar Nodes

    While riding around Bree and Ered Luin, I've noticed a lack of shattered pitchers (tier 1) and broken urns (tier 2). I'm aware of the various spawn locations, however they are far and few in between; most places have only one. I also realize that humanoids drop some, but this isn't a reliable source for obtaining them either [Think how well light hides drop off wolves and bears in Bree-fields]. So, I'd like to suggest:

    1). Increase the amount of nodes within ruins/structures.

    Once again, riding through the wilderness I notice a fair amount of Rich Copper Ore, Rich Tin Ore, Heavy Rowan Branches, etc., So...

    2). Have enriched nodes, for example, "Incomparable Shattered Pitcher" and "Exquisite Broken Urn".

    There's a wide variety of scholar materials to use. For instance, tier 1 has Aged Scrap of Text, Early Third Age Relic, and Worn Tablet Fragment. Additionally Dim Candles can be used to increase critical success of apprentice recipes. Of note, Dim Candles indicate that it is used for Apprentice Scholar on the tooltip. Therefore...

    3). On *raw* crafting materials, include the tier on the tooltip. For example, "Aged Scrap of Text: An undeciphered scrap of text. Its purpose is not immediately clear. This item is used in Apprentice Scholar recipes." This suggestion would also apply to copper ore, rowan branches, etc., and only to raw materials (i.e. copper ore, not copper bars).

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    Re: Scholar Nodes

    Scholars get the benefit that every humanoid can drop their items. I believe this is to make up for their general access like that enjoyed by prospectors and foresters.
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