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    Herbalist Barter Skills?

    I knew about the Ultimate skills, but until recently I didn’t know about the other skills we could purchase from the skirmish captain.

    I have herbalist soldiers on several of my characters. Are the regular barter healing skills better than the ones she can cast from the normal trainer?

    Salve of Resolve
    Healing: Low
    Buff: Avoidance
    +198.7 Healing
    +116 Avoidance Increase
    (I’m not certain exactly what avoidance does)

    Herbs of Boundless Endurance

    Healing: Hith
    Buff: Incoming Healing
    +28.7 haling over Time
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    Re: Herbalist Barter Skills?

    There the same as the ultimate skills in terms of how you use them really. (Some of them are actually better imo)

    As to if they are better for sure or not. I know on my champion I use both Salve of Resolve and the Boundless Endurance and it works out well.

    As far as the question about you not being sure what avoidance is. That's like your Evade... (Might be parry to I dont remember pretty sure it dosen't include block) I would have to look to make sure on that but avoidance in general is for sure evade if I remember right.

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    Re: Herbalist Barter Skills?

    I didn't buy those skills. They seem pretty weak compared to the other ones.



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