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First of all Matt is 45 years old... Nice attempt to belittle him by exagerating about his age. Second, you should seriously reconsider your claims when you call him a gutless immature man. Last time I checked Matt has a family, a business, employees, a car for himself and another for his wife, a house of his own and a second one by the sea for his vacations, he's got money and every other comfort I can think of. I have respect for the person who plays 2-3 hours a day after coming home tired from work and still manages to maintain a, if anything satisfying performance on his Blackarrow. I know a good amount of players who spend 5-6 hours plus in this game and they still plain SUCK. Ring any bells?

Now, the part where he has no guts. I agree with you, Necro has to be one of the biggest cowards I' ve met in this game so far. All he does is earn Infamy by abusing the broken heal tag system. He's wearing titles that once took years and effort to get, now all you gotta do is join raids and abuse the same above-mentioned system. He has betrayed every single kin/tribe he's been in so far, dumping the people he once called brothers in order to join up arms with whoever would benefit him the most in terms of points and popularity. Despite my immature nature I would like to comment on this very aspect. It portrays low mental capacity when you are unable to make judgement on who is experienced and skilled enough to teach you more about the game that will eventually earn you more respect and make the game itself more fun for you. To conclude, he's the greatest, most glorious suck-up EVER. He needlessly flatters people in a desperate attempt to earn some recognition as a player due to his poor play, he even goes so far as posting selfcongrats posts. It is my observation that raid leaders make the top of his suck-up list, which clearly illustrates his dependacy on making points at the expense of others. For all these qualities of his, it's only just that he's a joke on both freepside and creepside. You have every right my friend to call him a coward. God forbid that you ever follow in his footsteps.

There's so many ways to interpret this.