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Thread: Gear Up Freeps

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    Gear Up Freeps

    Hi, most of you probably don't know me, but I used to pvp every once in a while, lead a pug or two on Brandy a few years back, lead a few more on Vilya prior to that. Quit pvp in 2012 when I had enough of the lag. The server upgrade seems to have helped, and it's reignited my desire to play. Morseo, with all the exoduses that Brandy has seen recently with the free transfers off that has shrunk our server to a seemingly more managable side.

    I'll be out there leading, forming groups when I can, raids as I need to. But I do like to win (queue trolling heh), so I'm gonna use this thread to have discussions about how we overcome creep current balance in terms of their health and healing - without class stacking.

    One thing I've noticed right off the bat, is Freeps are way undergeared, by and large. I'm not sure Audacity is the answer yet, I haven't been out that long to really start thinking about that, but we don't hit hard enough, we don't last long enough. I would recommend essence jewelry and imbuing LI's to max DPS. PVP has always been the place where the very top tier in gear has gone to play, I don't believe that's changed.

    So gear up freeps. I'm going to be running largely unannon when I'm on, if you wish to run something to gear up, like an Big Battle or Roving Threat deal, send me a tell and I'll join you.

    To my old allies that may be reading this, come back and fight with us. IR are coming back too.
    Phrasing! Doesn't anybody do phrasing anymore?

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    Creeps rule, keep it classy!

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    Unless you speak Russian or Chinese those raids are going to be hilarious, also aud is definitely the way to go on most classes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thurd View Post
    Unless you speak Russian or Chinese those raids are going to be hilarious, also aud is definitely the way to go on most classes.
    My raids are always hilarious.
    Phrasing! Doesn't anybody do phrasing anymore?

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    Me and crew hid in bush's, then we pop out and kill them LOL.

    @ TR

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    Damn Snow you almost make me wish to comeback ...just cant decide if I should raid with you or bring your old spider friend Itz back to greet you!



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