Are you are looking for a place to call home, a place where you can kick back, talk with good friends, quest, raid, and even do a bit of light role play? Maybe do a radiance run? Or have turtle soup on a normal basis ( taking down the turtle) Do you enjoy crafting? Helping your kinmates,good friends, and good people have a plain old good time, doing what they enjoy in this beautiful world of Middle Earth? We are a kinship of core players who enjoy many aspects of LOTRO. We like to raid, do instances together, help each other. We enjoy crafting, and almost everything that Lotro has to offer.
We are a friendly bunch of seasoned players who enjoy joking and laughing, even while accomplishing our goals. We even have a few members who PVMP.

We are looking for Players of all sorts, classes and levels to grow with us and make Order of the Silver Flame their home. Please feel free to send a tell, and say hi or drop by our site for more information, at