Are you brave enough to Take the Black?

SoE is a 14-year old gaming organization currently focused on Lord of the Rings Online. Shadows of Eriador, our Lotro Chapter, is a Lifespan Rank 10 Kinship with our over-decorated Kin Hall located at 1 High Road, Brougham, Bree Housing. We have our own Ventrilo server and website which offers many tools, forums, and guides, as well as active presences on Facebook and Twitter (@ShadowLotro).

We are a mature (age 18+) group of men and women from all walks of life and various time-zones ( Majority of our members play US Evening and Weekend hours, though we have several European timezone members as well ) with many real-life friends and families among our ranks. We are focused and driven to achieve everything this game has to offer, yet do so in a casual, laid-back environment - we tend to take the game more seriously than we take ourselves.

We run regular weekly Kin Events, with most raids/skirms/pvmp happening on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays - though we regularly run spur-of-the-moment mayhem based on our members and when they are/can be online.

Currently Looking for Lore-Masters, Minstrels, and Burglars primarily but all classes remain open

Sense of humor required. A few loose screws preferred.

Want to join? Apply Here!