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Thread: Server Inquiry

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    Server Inquiry


    I am trying to choose a new home, and am wondering if your server has a dedicated channel to pick up groups. When I started playing upon the release of this game, I could not get enough of it, joined a raiding kin, and played very seriously for five full years. Today, as a mature father of two under 2, and a full time teacher as well as a fall soccer and spring lacrosse coach, I am no cut out for kinship life the way I used to be, or the way I want to be. I am looking for a server with an efficient channel to form groups in, as opposed to what has happened to the deterioration of the GLFF and world channels on my home server due to the influx of people who just talk to see their name in a chat window.

    I would love to hear some insight as to the status of your server with regards to casual players.


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    I would suggest focusing efforts on finding an active kinship that runs group content. I don't know of any world/glff chat that isn't a cesspool. An active Kinship chat would likely be your best bet.

    [url=http://shadowandflamekinship.guildlaunch.com/index.php?gid=314797][color=red][b][font=Comic Sans MS]Shadow and Flame Kinship[/font][/b][/color][/url]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oakfist View Post
    I am no cut out for kinship life the way I used to be, or the way I want to be.
    There are kins on every server other than raiding kins. Find one that suits your play style. There are many people on every server who have jobs and kids and other responsibilities, so it should be possible to find a kinship on any server where the members have very limited play times and thus won't require to you spend all of your waking moments with them.
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