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    Re: Hunters - The new tanking class?

    Quote Originally Posted by FolklegendRedux View Post
    Absolutely correct. The goal is to kill the mob not drag fights out for the sake of managing aggro. Aggro managment can be a tool to killing the mob when the system is working, but when threat is way out of whack you shouldn't be a slave to the mindset of how things are supposed to be done. Short of trying to challenge oneself, the most efficient way should always be preferable.
    HEY TURBINE!! HEY DEVS!!! Read this... *points to quoted post* This is what is wrong with the game. The fact that a hunter can pull aggro and tank any single target because of healing, is wrong... Fix this please. Make it so hunters and champs can DPS, DPS alot... pew pew if they want to. And make tanks able to aggro through it if they are well played. And make a penalty if the tank sucks and the DPS is unable/unwilling to compensate. Make the penalty death to squishies... No offence squishies!! I love you guys.. that's why I play a tank... or at least why I used to play one. To protect you guys and gals! =D
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    Re: Hunters - The new tanking class?

    I was in a DN raid last week where I jealously watched from my champ as a hunter (Yelk) tanked every single boss including the blind one. It's now official that there isn't a single boss in the game that hasn't been successfully tanked by a hunter.

    It should be interesting to see how much this changes with Mirkwood.
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    Re: Hunters - The new tanking class?

    I have learned, being both a Minstrel and a Hunter, that Hunter OTs are very effective.

    First off, good hunters are survivable.

    Good hunters will quickly kill mobs hitting focused on them because they are pew pewing them, that is why they have aggro on the mob.

    A smart hunter will pick good targets, because their job is to kill things and kill them quickly because they have no real self heals.

    A well versed hunter will know what they can do and what will kill them.

    A well versed hunter will know how to pot because when soloing
    they either pot or run, instances there is no running.

    I know this is all about MT but if you can MT you can OT. As hard as it can be to find a good MT, it can be harder to find an OT.

    I ran my hunter through the Library the other day and really started to love him. He had nearly 90% of the KBs.
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    Re: Hunters - The new tanking class?

    Its the idea of finding a Hunter smart enough to know when to Tank things and when not to.

    Many Hunters have no idea how to break out of the mold and adjust to different needs and wants of a group run.

    Nothing sucks more than an idiotic Hunter.
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    Re: Hunters - The new tanking class?

    Quote Originally Posted by NameAlreadyTaken View Post
    I wish I could disagree, but I can't.

    You know what this thread will generate? A huge groundswell of how OP Hunters are because we can tank everything, and a corresponding reduction in our defenses across the board. We will keep the same level of damage output and the same ridiculous level of threat generation though....

    - Damage output that matches our threat generation or lower threat generation.
    - Instance mobs that crush anyone that tries to tank other than main tank classes.
    Well, one out of two ain't bad... wait, did we really even get the one?
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