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What?! That's seriously what's going through my head...WHATWHATWHATWHAT?! That is too bad Nathrien , I commonly follow your blog and love all of the great outfits. It's sad that you are leaving . Can't wait to see the new looks though
Thank you for your kind words This was a decision weighing on my mind since late November, to continue blogging or not. I don't know if you had read one of my earlier entries, Sorrow for Elder Days, but the majority of my reasons are there. I've also become too busy outside of my casual gaming that I can't put aside the time to blog any longer. I do plan on playing LOTRO for a while, though!

It's comforting to know I've had a steady group of supporters. I've seen one too many of the cosmetic blogs left abandoned without word or warning and that's something I'd like to avoid. That's why I've decided to announce a tentative closing date...I at least owe the cosmetic community that much.

Until then, let the weekly outfitting updates continue!