It’s been a while since I’ve seen a cosmetic outfit post and given the mood of some of the threads bouncing around recently I thought a less serious thread might be fun.

This is my hunter’s outfit. He’s my first character and I still consider him my main character. I believe I found the final piece to this outfit somewhere in his mid to late forties. He's been wearing it for about a year now. Some of my characters change outfits a lot because I’ve not found THE outfit for them. But once I put this together outfit together I knew Calabar wouldn’t be looking for anything else. Well, he does have a kin outfit, but he only wears that when grouped with the kin.

Calabar doesn’t use a helm or shoulder pads. I feel this outfit looks better without them. Nor does he use a cape. I loath how horrible the clipping is on capes for any character carrying items on their backs. And as Cal uses a crossbow and a spear, I just don’t go there.